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BY Joel Junker

How do you impact the bottom line?

Last week, I had dinner with a Cameron-Brooks alumnus who made the transition from the military to corporate America 3 years ago.  He now works for a Fortune 300 company in the Process Excellence organization. 

I asked him what he is currently working on.  He went on to explain how in this current economic environment it is critical that everyone is focused on the company’s core business and delivering results and value.  He mentioned that during the economic expansion of the last 6 years, the company did not pay enough attention to core processes and positions that truly added value.  As a result, there are some inefficiencies, redundant work and people not focused on bottom line results.

What’s this alumnus doing now?  He is meeting with individuals to identify opportunities to streamline operations and create more value.  He is asking them three questions:  Who are you?  What are your key responsibilities?  How do you bring value and results to the company? 

Wow!  What great questions.

Ask yourself those questions.  If you can define your responsibilities and understand how they impact your organization, great.  If you are in a team leadership position, could your team members answer these questions?  If you or your team members can’t answer the questions succinctly and with conviction, take time to evaluate and re-prioritize your work.  Add value every day.

Joel Junker