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BY Hope Nunnelley

JMO Recruiting Firms: Debunking the Myths

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When Cameron-Brooks was first founded in the 1960’s, we were one of the first JMO Recruiting Firms in existence. Corporate America needed leaders, and we discovered a way to link the leadership and experience of a JMO with the business world. And Corporate America was thrilled – they had stumbled upon a pot of military leadership gold! Fast forward to 2019 and there are more options than ever for military members: military recruiting firms, MBA programs, internship opportunities, and rotational programs specific to veterans. And not all firms / programs / opportunities are created equal. So where is the truth? Let’s explore this topic and dispel some of the recruiting firm myths. 


All recruiting firms are transactional. They’re just trying to place another person in another job.


Not true. Cameron-Brooks places great importance on getting to know each and every candidate that comes through our program on a personal and professional level. We travel across the country to have personal, one-on-one sessions with our Officers, host interview preparation workshops and share many phone calls throughout the process. We know that each candidate’s skill set, goals and personal preferences are different! The better we get to know our candidates, the better we’re able to match them with opportunities at our Conferences.


Recruiting firms charge Officers to use their services.


At Cameron-Brooks, there is no fee for you any JMO to use our services.


Recruiting firms get a cut of our salary once we accept a job.


Cameron-Brooks never takes a portion of your salary. You hiring salary is strictly between you and our client companies. The reason we’re able to operate as a business is because our client companies pay us a separate fee to help them hire their next leaders.


Recruiting firms only want you to contact them 3-6 months prior to a transition.


On average, candidates spend 12 months in our program.  But, we’ve worked with some candidates for four years or longer! As mentioned above, we value our relationships with our candidates. The longer our candidates are in the program, the more time we can help work through our Developmental and Preparation Program and make sure we’re synced up on your goals.


It’s hard to find JMO recruiting firms who will take into account the JMO leadership experience and true value when presenting potential career paths.

TRUTH! Surprise. This myth is actually true. When researching recruiting firms and internship opportunities, proceed with caution. All of the opportunities present at a Cameron-Brooks Career Conference are developmental in nature, and most of our alumni have risen through the ranks of their companies as strong leaders. Plus, we hand-pick our candidates interview schedules to make sure the opportunities are a perfect fit.

And, many of the myths were dispelled! If you’re considering a transition or just curious about what opportunities the business world might hold for you, let’s have a conversation. Be diligent about your research and make sure, whatever path you choose, it’s the right fit for you.