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BY Joel Junker

Professional Energy & The January 2018 Career Conference

Tomorrow, the Cameron-Brooks team will travel to Charlotte, NC to kick off the January 2018 Career Conference, our first of the year!  We are seeing strong demand from our client companies looking for standout, well-prepared JMOs.  We are excited to have a great group of companies, represented by hiring managers, ready to fill open positions with their companies! We also have an outstanding group of JMO candidates attending this Conference, and as we put the finishing touches on our candidate’s interview schedules, we anticipate the average number of interviews to be ~13 per candidate.

One of the most common things we hear from our client companies is they are looking for people who can inspire others and catalyze action; in other words people who can make it happen and get it done. This is demonstrated in part by your objective background in the positions you’ve held, your accomplishments and how you impacted your unit or organization.  But, this is also demonstrated in your enthusiasm and attitude during the interview itself.   You can have strong objective assets but if you communicate with low energy and enthusiasm it can hurt you and get you ruled out.

Please understand my point here.  I am not suggesting that you blow the interviewer out of the room by being over the top, loud volume in your voice, etc.  What I am A preview of Cameron-Brooks' January 2018 Career Conferencesaying is your energy level is displayed in the way you make  eye contact with the recruiter, a good firm handshake, using inflection in your voice, smiling when appropriate, using first names, etc.

Your energy level is also a direct correlation to how prepared you are.  It comes from the confidence that you have practiced your answers and are ready for any questions the recruiter may ask and delivering your answers in a way that is natural and authentic and not canned or forced or monotone.  So for the January candidates who are reading this, keep practicing your answers and be ready to interview with good energy and a great attitude.

We have a great line up of opportunities to start 2018!

Sample industries include:  Energy Sector, Consumer Packaged Goods, Consulting, Medical Device, High Technology,  Building Materials,  Information Technology, Industrial, and more.

Sample companies include:  ExxonMobil, Asurion, PwC, Foster Farms, Corning, Boston Scientific, USAA, Wyndham Hotel Group, Carrier Corporation, GlaxoSmithKline, Stryker Corporation, PACTIV Corporation, Oldcastle, Protiviti, AmerisourceBergen, and many more.

Sample positions include:  Operational Analyst & Planner, Technical Marketing Engineer, Product Analytics Manager, Process Engineer, Corporate Procurement, Field Clinical Specialist, Field Clinical Representative, Manufacturing Manager, Product Line Manager, Production Supervisor, Strategic Operations Manager, IT Project manager, Director of Operations, Inside Sales Representative, Supply Chain Supervisor, Senior Associate, Area Field Marketing Manager, and many more.

Sample locations include:  Charlotte, NC; San Jose, CA; Detroit, MI; New York City, NY; Minneapolis, MN; Cincinnati, OH; Houston, TX; Milwaukee, WI; San Diego, CA; Dallas, TX; Chicago, IL; Atlanta, GA; Washington, DC; Boston, MA; San Antonio, TX; Oklahoma City, OK; and many more.

Lastly, if you haven’t already, check out our iTunes podcast either on your podcast app or here. On the podcast, we interview Cameron-Brooks alumni who are making an impact in the business world. The podcast features alumni from different military backgrounds who went into a variety of roles across companies and industries.

Stay tuned to next week when I’ll be back to post the results of the January 2018 Career Conference!

Rob Davis