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BY Hope Nunnelley

Five Easy Tricks to Improve Your Interviewing Skills

Interviewing is a skill. What do we mean by “skill”? In Old English, the origin of the word “skill” translates as knowledge or discernment mostly by the way of practice!

So, in order to land the job, your interviewing skills are incredibly important. Especially for a JMO who is looking to transition to business. We’ve compiled five easy tricks to help you fine-tune those skills and ace the interview.

  1. Research. Spend a good chunk of time researching the company and position you’re interviewing for. Learn about the company origins, values, where the stand in the marketplace, what makes them stand out in their field and what is critical to the business. Put yourself in the company’s shoes and imagine what they might be looking for in their next leader! Figure out what interests you and WHY.
  2. Practice. Research common interview questions and take time to compose answers to each; however, be sure to practice OUT LOUD. Your answers will sound very differently out loud verses in your head.
  3. Evaluate your body language. Over 90% of human communication is conveyed with your body language. Record yourself answering interview questions or practice while standing in front of a mirror. Pay attention to how engaged and enthusiastic you look when answering the questions and adjust accordingly.
  4. Work with a partner or a group. Candidates in our program have access to study groups, live + digital interview workshops. Time and time again, our candidates stress the importance of working with peers when practicing for an interview. Working with a partner or group is an excellent opportunity for you to receive constructive feedback!
  5. Learn how to ask questions. Future employers want to see that you’re engaged and interested in the position and the company. One of the best ways to convey interest (in the professional and personal aspects of life) is to ask questions. Do your research, note your curiosities and ASK!

And lastly, be yourself. The interviewer will want to get to know the real you! We hope you find these tips on interviewing skills helpful as you prepare for your next opportunity. If you’d like to learn more about our Development and Preparation Program, CLICK HERE. Our expertise spans 50 years.