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BY petevanepps

Conducting Company Research

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A common question I receive from Junior Military Officers (JMOs) when exploring their transition options is, “Why should I use a JMO recruiting firm?” That is an excellent question and one that has many different considerations to evaluate. One thing I typically do is point the officer to our website and specifically to the page, “Why a recruiter?” The page highlights many benefits of partnering with a recruiting firm and goes into detail about how Cameron-Brooks offers value to transitioning military officers.

A finer point that I’d like to bring to light is how Cameron-Brooks researches companies on behalf of JMOs. This research ensures military officers transition well, so as they launch their business careers, they have opportunities to continue to accelerate their careers through their leadership experience.  It is difficult for a transitioning military officer to conduct the type of extensive research that is required for those who desire to transition to business and accelerate their careers. In most cases, JMOs do not have the access and relationships required to gather the right type of data to make an informed decision.

When researching companies, Cameron-Brooks considers many different factors, such as:

The INDUSTRY: Is it durable and built to last? Can it face ups and downs? Where do we think it will be in the next 5 years? What are potential disruptors on the horizon?

The COMPANY: Is it durable and built to last? What is the culture of the company? How does the company treat its employees?  Are there clear paths for promotion and higher levels of responsibility? Does the company employ any former JMOs? If so, do JMOs in the company typically follow an upward career-progression track?

**This is typically the point where the JMO’s research stops, again because of the lack of access and relationships.**

The DIVISION/BUSINESS Unit:  Who is the hiring manager?  What does the team/peer-group like? What has that business unit’s performance been within the entire organization? Where does the business unit fit in the strategic direction of the company? What is the business unit’s attitude and track record regarding hiring JMOs?

The JOB: What skills and experiences does the role require that specifically relate to a JMO’s leadership experience? What are available channels of growth within the role itself? What are viable career paths that can begin with that specific role.

At Cameron-Brooks, our mission is to serve others to help them reach their potential and dreams. One of the ways we do that is by researching companies and positions to ensure that the candidates with whom we partner are able to do just that.

Pete Van Epps