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BY Joel Junker

4 Tips to Make Thanksgiving Day Every Day

Ever since Cameron-Brooks started a blog in 2009, I scheduled myself to write the blog post for Thanksgiving week. Why? It’s my favorite week, day and holiday of the year! I get to use our blog as a platform to encourage others (and remind myself too) to make gratitude a habit, not just a holiday ritual or something you do when things are going well.  

Check out these resources on the benefits of being grateful.

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Now that you see the personal benefits of being grateful, here are 4 tips to make gratitude an everyday habit and not just the last Thursday of November.  

1.  Review your day and journal what you are grateful for. I personally do this early in the morning with a cup of coffee whether I am traveling or at home. I review all of my events from the previous day from waking to bed time. I am amazed that as the events unfolded and in the moment, I was just getting things done – homework with my daughter, exercising, giving guidance to a team member, etc. Yet, when I pause, take my time, I am grateful for that one on one time with my daughter and her progression in reading, my health and ability to exercise, the great people I work with (and I list them by name). You can do this in the evening, morning or both. I find that by doing it in the morning, I start the day with a positive and energetic feeling.

2.  Say “Thank you.” Ugh. Maybe I am a cynic (I know contrary to my advice above), but I am pretty disappointed in our manners as a society. Traveling a lot, I see interactions with flight attendants, waiters/waitresses, hotel front desk clerks, cleaning personnel and more. We can do better in expressing our gratitude for a job well done and service. Yes, it is their job, but that doesn’t give us permission to pass by them and not acknowledge them and their effort.  We all want to be appreciated! When I travel, I feel lonely and disconnected. I change my outlook when I proactively smile and say, “Thank you,” to others. I become connected to them, and I feel better, and I bet they do too! 

3.  Give specific compliments to others. We all crave attention, affection and appreciation. A nice and sincere compliment shows your appreciation of the other person, and will not only make the other person feel better but you too.

4.  Encourage others to express their gratitude.  One of the things my family does at the dinner table is allow everyone to answer two questions about his or her day. First, we go around the table and everyone answers the question, “What’s your bad thing from today?” Then, we each answer, “What are your good things from today?” 95% of the time, each person has way more “good” things than “bad” things, and our bad things don’t seem so bad anymore.  

Thank you to all of my C-B Teammates for shared values and your hard work, to all of our JMO partners who trust our advice and career search services, and to our Alumni and client companies who continue to champion JMOs in corporate America.