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BY Joel Junker

Common JMO Concerns About a Military to Corporate America Transition

If you have concerns about transitioning from the military to business, you are not alone.  In this market, you should have concerns as the economy continues to struggle.   However, your concerns are probably not unique.  I have been working at Cameron-Brooks for almost 10 years now and I made my own transition in 1999.  The Cameron-Brooks’ Blog will address these concerns in various future postings. 

Here are common concerns we hear from JMOs considering a transition.

1.  How is the economy impacting current career searches?  In other words, will I be able to launch a new  career?

2.  What kind of salary and benefits can I expect?

3. Where will my background fit, or what kind of career opportunities do a I qualify for?

4. Will I have a choice in my location?  How do I balance my location preference with career opportunity?

5. Will I have better work life balance?

6. What do I need to do to be successful if I do transition?

7.  What types of companies are currently hiring?

The Cameron-Brooks’ Blog contributors will tackle these issues in future postings.

Joel Junker