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BY Cameron-Brooks

Bottom Line Impact & the January 2019 Career Conference

Tomorrow the Cameron-Brooks team will travel to our first Career Conference of 2019!  As we put the finishing touches on the conference preparation, we expect it to be another jam packed four days with the candidates expecting to average 12+ interviews each!

As the  candidates make their final preparations for the Conference, I wanted to share a quick thought that I discussed with several candidates in recent interview preparation workshops across the country.  One of the challenges with being a non-traditional hire to Corporate America is being able to demonstrate what you have done in the military in a way that recruiters can see how it relates to what they are hiring for.  I am a former Army Armor officer and no company that I have ever interviewed with or worked for, has ever required me to do a tank gunnery, perform maintenance on an M1A2 tank, shoot an M9 pistol, etc.  in Corporate America.  So, it is not about functionally what you have done in the military that companies will relate to or gravitate towards.

Rather, It is your ability to show how you impacted your organization’s bottom line.  Now, the bottom line of business (revenue, profitability, etc) is very different than the bottom line of the military (combat readiness, winning our nation’s wars).  But, if you can communicate to a recruiter, for example, how you were able to increase your platoon/division/company’s proficiency in their critical mission tasks, improve the maintenance rate of your unit, improve efficiencies in logistics of supplies to improve training or a deployment, etc.,  you are able to demonstrate to them how you positively impacted your organization’s bottom line of combat readiness.  It then becomes very easy for a recruiter to extrapolate and conclude that if they can teach you their business, you can positively impact their bottom line.

We have a great lineup of companies and opportunities awaiting the January Career Conference Candidates and expect the average number of interviews to be 12+ per Candidate!  Here is a quick sampling of what we have in store for the November Candidates:

Sample industries include:  Industrial, Energy Sector, Consulting, Medical Device, Health Care, Consumer Package Goods, Professional Services,  Facilities Services, Diagnostics & Testing, High Technology, and more.

Sample companies include:  Altec Industries, PwC, Stryker Corporation, ExxonMobil, Corning, USAA, Carrier Corporation, Chatham Financial, GlaxoSmithKline, Pactiv Corporation, Schneider National, Boston Scientific, King’s Hawaiian, and many more.

Sample positions include:  Territory Manager, Senior Applications Engineer, Director of Maintenance Services, Business Development Executive, Customer Quality Engineer, Manufacturing Supervisor, Regional Operations Director, Business Analyst, IT Project Manager, Account Manager, Plant Manager, Operations Excellence Supervisor, and many more.

Sample locations include: Houston, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Minneapolis, MN; Boston, MA; Atlanta, GA; Charlotte, NC; New York City, NY: San Francisco, CA; Indianapolis, IN; Pittsburgh, PA; Raleigh, NC: Cincinnati, OH; Jacksonville, FL; Kalamazoo, MI; Chicago, IL; Vancouver, WA; Denver, CO; Dallas, TX, and many more.

Finally, if you haven’t already, check out our iTunes podcast either on your podcast app or here. On the podcast, we interview Cameron-Brooks alumni who are making an impact in the business world. The podcast features alumni from different military backgrounds who went into a variety of roles across companies and industries.

Stay tuned until next week – I’ll be back to post the results of the January 2019 Career Conference!