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BY Joel Junker

Preparation and the April 2014 Career Conference

Today, the Cameron-Brooks team will travel from Texas to join our April candidates to kick off the April 2014 Career Conference in Charlotte, NC.  As with our January Career Conference, we continue to see strong demand for standout and well prepared JMOs to join Corporate America.

Sample industries for the April 2014 conference include: Oil & Gas, Medical Device, Financial, Consulting, Consumer Goods, Logistics, Healthcare, Building Products, Facilities Services, Internet Marketing, and more.  Sample companies include: 3M Company, Atlas Copco, BIOTRONIK, EY, ExxonMobil, Enerflex Energy Systems, Gallo Winery, Mars Inc., Medtronic, TRW Automotive, Wal-Mart, Linde Group, Johnson & Johnson, and many more.

Sample positions include:  Supply Chain Analyst, Inside Sales Manager, Marketing Product Manager, Field Clinical Specialist, Senior Consultant, General Manager, Design Engineer, Logistics Manager, Technical Team Leader, Senior Financial Analyst, Production Supervisor, Turnaround Coordinator, Account Manager, Quality Engineer, Innovation Marketing Manager, Global Purchasing Manager, Transportation Operations Manager, and many more.  As we finalize the interview schedules for the candidates and client companies, it is looking like the average number of interviews will be approximately 12 per candidate.

Yesterday, I had a great conversation with a Navy Nuclear Power candidate in our program who will not transition until the Fall of 2016.  While she has 2+ years before she can transition from the military, she is already busy working in our Development & Preparation Program and looking for ways to apply what she is learning so that not only will she be well prepared in 2016 but also so that she can become a better officer while still serving.   When I talk to candidates after they finish their Career Conference and I ask them what is one thing they would do differently in their preparation, I have yet to have a candidate tell me they would spend less time preparing for their transition.  In almost every case, they comment about how they wished they had participated in a study group sooner, started verbalizing their interview answers sooner, or gotten started with a professional reading program earlier, etc. Our client companies come to us to hire for top development positions and while they understand the vast majority JMOs do not have a business background and that they will have to teach them the business, they do expect them to be well prepared and that their time to ramp up will be significantly less due to their level of preparation.  Being well prepared not only gives you confidence going into your interviews, it also demonstrates interest to companies and helps you become a contributor that much more quickly.

If you are a June Career Conference candidate reading this blog post, you should be already well into tab 5 and working on your interview answers and be verbalizing.  If you have not become part of your local Cameron-Brooks study group, I highly recommend doing so as soon as possible.  If you are stationed in a more remote location, please reach out to your Recruiting Team Leader and they can put you in contact with other candidates in the same situation.  If you have a little more time before your transition, use this extra time to get ahead of the game so when your transition approaches, you will feel confident and ready to tackle the challenges that lay in front of you in Corporate America.

Best of luck to the April 2014 Cameron-Brooks Candidates !  All of us at Cameron-Brooks are excited to take this next step towards your business career.  Next week, I will publish a blog post commenting on the results of the April 2014 Career Conference.

Rob Davis