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BY Joel Junker

The April 2016 Career Conference

Today and tomorrow, the Cameron-Brooks team and candidates will travel to Charlotte, NC for our second Career Conference of the year.  We have a great lineup of companies and opportunities awaiting them, and the diversity of companies and industries represented will allow the candidates to conduct a thorough career search to find the best fit for them, their families, and their career goals.

We have some of our original clients dating back 40+ years attending this Conference as well as several new companies as well.  Additionally, we have 30 alumni coming back as recruiters looking to hire top JMO talent.  They range from two alumni we placed in Corporate America over 20 years ago to an alumnus we placed at his company just four short months ago!  The companies range from a family owned business with less than 1,000 employees to one of the largest logistics companies in the world with over 300,000 employees.

Sample industries for the April 2016 Career Conference include: Medical Device, Energy, Consulting, Information Technology, Industrial, Logistics, Pharmaceutical, Building Materials, Social Media, Consumer Products, and more.

Sample companies include:  ALDI, Boston Scientific, FedEx, HCA Healthcare, Noble Energy, EY, PwC, Stryker Corporation, Oldcastle, Reynolds Consumer Products, Textron Systems, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Twitter, and many more.

Sample positions include:  Product Manager, Sales Executive, Marketing Communications Manager, Global Security Manager, Manufacturing Management, IT Program Manager, Director of Sales, Senior Consultant, Manufacturing Engineer, Logistics Analyst, Business Strategy Manager, Financial Analyst, Senior Project Manager, Plant Manager, R&D Design Engineer, Assistant Brand Manager, and many more.

Sample locations include:  Santa Clara, CA; Charlotte, NC; New York City, NY; Los Angeles, CA; Dallas, TX; Philadelphia, PA; Boston, MA; Las Vegas, NV; Cincinnati, OH; Atlanta, GA; Houston, TX; Chicago, IL; Washington, DC; San Francisco, CA; Baltimore, MD; Phoenix, AZ; Indianapolis, IN; and many more.

Lastly, I would highly recommend reading my colleague Joel Junker’s most recent blog post, especially if you are an April 2016 Career Conference candidate!  It provides great insight into interviewing and what recruiters are looking for beyond delivering well structured interview answers.  I’ve included the link below:

The Number One Factor for a Successful Interview

Stay Tuned!  Next week I will publish a blog post commenting on the results of the April 2016 Career Conference.