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BY petevanepps

WHAT does Cameron-Brooks do?

Cameron-Brooks has been in existence since the 1970’s. When officers were returning from the Vietnam War, they were ready to start work. It just so happens that there was a need for young leaders in companies like Johnson & Johnson, MobilChemical (now ExxonMobil), and Procter & Gamble. Our founders, Roger Cameron and Rene Brooks were already recruiting for those companies and others that had the idea to connect military officers with these companies who were hungry for talent. (If you want to hear more about that history, listen to Mary Lou White’s experience at Cameron-Brooks through the years.)

So that is WHO we are we? Well, that’s pretty straightforward – we are a firm in corporate America that guides officers in transition preparation in order to conduct a broad and robust career search.

The question I want to answer today is, WHAT do we do? If you were talking to an officer who was not getting out, they’d probably say we are a “headhunter” who helps JMOs get jobs. Skimming the absolute surface, I’d say they are on the right track. And in that light, one may say Cameron-Brooks is just like every other company who does something similar to that with no differentiation.

I’d like to share a different view. I am writing this article because I talk to military officers all day about their options, and I often get the question, “What makes you different.” To answer that question, I start with the hero of the story.

That may sound a little dramatic, but it’s a great way to look at it. We help military officers conduct a career search in order to find, launch, and lead a fulfilling career. We create an opportunity for officers to find and ultimately work for a great company, using their skills to do fulfilling, meaningful work that has a purpose and balance in life. While that certainly is a tall order, that is the target. When I talk to officers who want to launch a business career, that is typically what they want, and that is what we strive to deliver.

If you are new to Cameron-Brooks or if you think that what I wrote in the paragraph above seems lofty, I’d say that response is common. When I first talk to a military officer, they typically come to Cameron-Brooks with three types of problems and need help. They have an external problem in that they often have limited knowledge of the corporate America hiring process and how it applies to military officers. They have an internal problem in that there is sometimes confusion and uncertainty about how to effectively communicate their leadership experience and skills to potential employees. Lastly, they have a philosophical problem in that it seems unfair that military officers face challenges in finding suitable civilian careers despite their valuable skills and experience.

That is where Cameron-Brooks comes in. We understand the challenges and uncertainties that military officers face when transitioning into civilian careers. We’ve been there ourselves and know what it’s like to navigate the job search process and find companies that value your background and experience.

We create a tailor-made approach that starts with a free, no-pressure coaching session with a career coach who has served in the military before and has decades of experience helping officers like you transition into corporate America. You’ll complete an assessment together, talk about the results, and discuss ways to improve your marketability. From there, you will be enrolled in the Development and Preparation Program, a curriculum-based, self-paced online learning program. It’s like a mini-MBA, including 1-1 coaching and workshops. Lastly, the goal is to launch your dream career. Our Career Conference is a 4 ½ day event scheduled 45-60 days before you start your transition leave. You’ll meet employers and interview for positions, and when you secure a job offer, you’ll become an exclusive member of our Cameron-Brooks Alumni Network with all its benefits.

JMOs that leverage Cameron-Brooks will:

  • Gain access to a network of top-tier companies and job opportunities.
  • Develop a clear and personalized career plan based on their unique skills and experiences.
  • Increase their knowledge of the corporate America hiring process and interview preparation.
  • Build confidence in their decision-making and choice of career path.
  • Secure a fulfilling and meaningful career in a great company that values their past experience.

All this in order to avoid:

  • Settling for underemployment or restarting your career from scratch.
  • Missing out on job opportunities and interviews with top-tier companies.
  • Feeling uncertain and lost about your future outside of the military.
  • Struggling to communicate your leadership experience and skills to potential employers effectively.

If you want to learn more about how you can transform your identity from someone who is unsure about your options outside of the military to a prepared and confident business leader, please give me a call. I want to meet you and help you explore options. Even if you are unsure about what may be, let’s start the dialogue!

Pete Van Epps

(210) 874-1519 // pete@cameron-brooks.com