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BY Joel Junker

What Are The Top 4 Career Fields for JMOs

Are you considering a transition to Corporate America in 2023? Are you curious what the top career fields are for exiting JMOs? Have you wondered what it’s like on “the other side”? There has always been a need for strong leaders in Corporate America. In fact, this is the key reason Cameron-Brooks exists. We help our client companies grow their businesses by partnering with top JMO talent for their key leadership positions, but what exactly do those leadership positions look like? Where might a JMO fit within the business world?

Our client companies come to Cameron-Brooks to help fill complex leadership positions.  Our CEO, Chuck Alvarez, often calls them “and” jobs. So, what is an “and” job? Typically, it sounds something like, “Chuck, we really need someone who is a strong team builder, AND they have to possess strong analytical skills, AND with all that is happening in the economy, we need someone who can drive change, etc.” Opportunities truly abound right now for the JMO who is well-prepared and has the right transition strategy.  If you’d like to read more about the different types of career fields — specifically the top 4 career fields for JMOs—you can download and read about them here.

Interested in exploring your options with Cameron-Brooks? Curious about how to make a successful transition? Check out our website,  YouTube Channel and follow us on LinkedIn. Additionally, our latest podcast (Episode 169) is with my colleague, Joel Junker, discussing the idea of being a development candidate in Corporate America.  You can listen to that podcast here.

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