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BY Joel Junker

Resources for Voluntary Separation Pay (VSP) Air Force Officers

The Air Force recently announced another Voluntary Separation Pay (VSP) program for an early out or early release for Air Force Officers. Over the last 5 years, Cameron-Brooks has significant experience working with AF Junior Military Officers (JMOs) involved with downsizing programs and making a transition to business careers.

While we have successfully partnered with numerous AF JMOs making the transition to business in these downsizing efforts, we have had to decline more than we accept because of the lack of preparation. The economy continues to improve and our clients have numerous openings for well prepared and talented JMOs. However, the bar is still high and our clients require candidates who are prepared for and committed to a business career. Those AF JMOs considering this current VSP will want to start focused preparation right away and Cameron-Brooks has the resources to help.

1) We are conducting specific webcasts “Considering a Business Career? What You Should Know” for AF JMOs who are considering or have applied for VSP.

We have 3 options to view a webcast

– Live Webcast – Friday, March 25, 2011 12:00-1:00 PM CDT

– Live Webcast – Friday, April 1, 2011 12:00-1:00 PM CDT

– Recorded Webcast (we will record both of these webcasts for those who cannot make one of the live options).

E-mail candidates@cameron-brooks.com or call 1-800-222-9235 to participate or request a recording.

The webcast will address the following topics:

– How to prepare and plan for a smooth/successful transition with a short timeline

– The current state of the economy

– Information on industries, companies and positions available to military officers

2) Conduct a Personal Marketability Assessment (PMA) with a knowledgeable Professional Recruiter via phone or Skype Video to discuss how and where your background fits into the business world and things you can do to prepare with limited timelines.

E-mail candidates@cameron-brooks.com or call 1-800-222-9235 to request a Personal Marketability Assessment.

3) Access our Resource Center https://www.cameron-brooks.com/candidates_resourcecenter.html.  You can read articles on what books to read for your preparation, what interview questions you can expect and how to prepare for them, how to balance location preferences with career opportunities, and much more.

4) Read PCS to Corporate America (3rd Edition) by Roger Cameron. This book condenses over 40 years of JMO recruiting knowledge and experience into one powerful reference. Roger Cameron, the veteran of the JMO recruiting industry, wrote PCS specifically for the military officer, providing advice on interviewing, launching a world-class business career, transition strategies and how to maximize your marketability and more. You can purchase your own hard copy at https://www.cameron-brooks.com/difference_book.html or login to our Resource Center and read online for free.

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Joel Junker