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BY Joel Junker

Visualizing A Successful Interview

The Cameron-Brooks team and candidates will arrive in Charlotte, NC on Thursday and Friday this week.  The Cameron-Brooks team and I are excited about the Conference and quality of candidates and companies who will be attending the Conference.  I am very impressed with the candidates’ track record of military success, their unique accomplishments and their service to our country.  They deserve a great career search!  Once again, we have a wide variety of clients.  We have the second largest company on the Fortune 500 as well as a 25-person privately held consulting firm, companies in the technology protection service industry, solar energy, pharmaceutical production, medical device sales, mining and materials, brand management, consulting, information technology, telecommunications and more.  Our clients need high potential leaders and they know they can find well prepared and committed leaders at a Cameron-Brooks Conference.  Despite the macro-economy unemployment rate, the market is still very good for the Cameron-Brooks candidate.

In my last few blog posts, I have written about the book Mind Gym by Gary Mack and the power of visualization.  Mack talks about the importance of being specific in visualization.  I wrote this interview visualization exercise for the August Candidates to use this week.  By the time the August Candidates have their first interview one week from today, they will have already had several successful ones in their mind.

Follow the steps in the exercise.

Close your eyes, relax, take a deep breath.

Place yourself standing outside the interview room door.

You are wearing your suit.  You look sharp and professional. 

You feel prepared.  You have studied the company and position description, and you know how to connect your background to the position.

You look at your watch.  It’s time for your  interview.  You smile.  You are confident.  You are ready.  You knock on the door.

The recruiter opens the door.  You smile and greet the recruiters using their first names.  You immediately begin to build rapport.

The recruiter invites you into the room.  You sit down feeling confident.  You are ready.

You listen to the recruiters’ questions, and begin delivering answers that prove your fit and your interest.

The recruiters respond positively, they see  you are connecting.  They smile, nod their heads and take notes.

You ask quality questions, showing your interest in the position and company.

Now it is the end of the interview, you shake the recruiters’ hands, smile, look them in the eyes, and you close with a strong statement of interest. 

You are back outside the interview door.  You take a deep breath and smile knowing you have connected well.  You have done your best.

You think of one thing you can do better so you can improve for the next interview.

Open your eyes. Congratulations! You have had a successful interview.

Joel Junker