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BY Joel Junker

Value of the JMO Career Search and Working through Challenges

The link below is an excellent blog post from Michael Hyatt’s blog.  Hyatt is the Chairman and CEO of Tomas Nelson Publishers the largest Christian publishing company in the world.   His blog includes a lot of tips about work and life.
His recent post is titled “The Most Important Part of Your Story” and it is about those who quit careers/jobs in the “middle of their story.”   He does not say that there are not times to change careers or quit but rather it is important to do a thorough analysis and ask yourself critical questions before you do. 
At Cameron-Brooks, we have over 40 years experience helping JMOs conduct a thorough career search conducting lots of self-analysis, learning about business, and interviewing with a wide variety of industries, companies and positions.   Our experience and results show that a thorough career search allows the JMOs to build enough momentum into their career decision to carry them through the challenges which are always present in careers and life.
Joel Junker