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Top Business Podcasts We Love

One of our core values at Cameron-Brooks is continuous learning, and we encourage all of our current candidates and alumni to share this value as well! We have a number of top business podcasts to recommend and hopefully add to your podcast repertoire.

How many Americans listen to podcasts on a regular basis? According to a study done by the Pew Research Center, over 60% of Americans will have listened to online radio (podcasts) within any given week. As the culture of continuous learning and sharing continues to shape society, podcasts have become one of the more popular media channels for digesting new content (news, business, features, politics, entertainment, etc.).

HBR Ideacast

The Harvard Business Review Ideacast covers a variety of business topics ranging from management techniques to employee happiness, to current talent trends. Each episode is chock-full of quality information and interesting statistics. This podcast definitely appeals to the more cerebral part of the brain.

TED Talks Business

Everyone’s favorite conference is now digestible in podcast format. The TED Talks Business podcast shares some cutting edge ideas on traditional business theories and does a good job of keeping their listeners entertained. Tune in for business ideas worth spreading.

The James Altucher Show

James is an entrepreneur who often features successful leaders across a variety of industries to discuss their failures, SUCCESSES and personal/professional happiness. As a host, James is a master of asking questions and is able to reach a deeper level of conversation in his podcast that is unique to the industry.

Above and Beyond (The Cameron-Brooks Podcast)
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We’d be remiss if we didn’t add in our own podcast! Each episode of the Cameron-Brooks podcast features alumni who share their own personal transition story and shares more information on what they’re doing in the Corporate World. Although the podcast is specific to military officers, it also easily holds the attention of a civilian. Listening to Above and Beyond is almost like getting to shadow a mentor (but via audio)!

-Hope Drury