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BY Joel Junker

The Value of a Cameron-Brooks JMO

As I write this (April 8, 2009), I am on the plane back from our April 2009 Career Conference in Charlotte, NC.  I just read an article in USA Today that surveyed CEOs about hiring for the remainder of 2009.  Needless to say, the majority do not have plans to significantly add to their payroll.  In contrast to this article, I want to share a conversation I had with one of the Cameron-Brooks client company recruiters who attended the April Conference to hire a high caliber ex-military officer. 


The recruiter said to me, “My company has a moratorium on hiring with one exception – Cameron-Brooks JMOs.”  Let me help you understand the magnitude of this statement.  This is a 10,000+ person company with over $1.5 billion in revenue and one of the fastest growing companies in the US! 


The company has hired approximately 10 JMOs from Cameron-Brooks in the last couple of years.  I asked him, what is it that the company specifically sees that they would exclude the Cameron-Brooks JMO from their “moratorium”?


Here is a summary of what he said.


         The company’s Senior Vice President of Customer Service says the Cameron-Brooks JMO is a proven value.

         The company has to continue to invest in talent for their future.

         The Cameron-Brooks JMO brings a mental toughness not seen in other candidates.

         They can handle ambiguous and chaotic situations.

         They can work in a fast-paced environment.  When this recruiter says fast-paced, he means fast-paced.  The company made 300 changes to a process that conducts 17 million customer service transactions annually.

         The Cameron-Brooks JMO understands and exhibits idea leadership.  Meaning they think of new and innovative ideas AND lead to make them become reality to get results.

         They can deliver presentations to high level executives with confidence and clarity.


The recruiter attributed this success to the Cameron-Brooks selective recruiting and matching processes and the candidates completing the Development and Preparation Program©(DPP) before their transition.


What a great compliment to the Cameron-Brooks Alumni, the Cameron-Brooks Team and the April 2009 Conference candidates.


Joel Junker