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BY Joel Junker

The Power of Commitment between Cameron-Brooks and JMOs – November 2021 Career Conference

Does Cameron-Brooks have a partnership and/or exclusive agreement and if so, why?  This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive from Junior Military Officers.  One of our core values is clear and transparent communication, and I thought it would be helpful to shed some clarity around this question as we look to kick off our fifth and final Career Conference of 2021.

So first, yes, Cameron-Brooks has a partnership agreement that we view as a mutual accountability agreement between the JMO, our Client Companies, and Cameron-Brooks.

Why does Cameron-Brooks have a partnership agreement while some other recruiting firms and agencies do not, and how does it benefit you?

Our partnership agreement has been around since the inception of Cameron-Brooks and is rooted in a mutual exchange of value.

As your partner, you can expect that Cameron-Brooks will bring value to the partnership and be accountable to you by providing world-class preparation, sheparding you through the transition process and helping you successfully launch your business career. This consists of a curriculum-based program that includes self-analysis, skill development, interview preparation, resume building, coaching and mentoring by experts with the pinnacle event being a very precise, accurate Career Conference.

The average time officers coming to this Conference will have spent in the Cameron-Brooks program is ~10 months.  During that 10 months, we have met each officer in person or spoken to them on average 6+ times; they  have participated in 3-4 interview workshops and 1:1 mock interviews; and worked extensively with our resume consultant to build a first class resume.

For the November Conference, our officers will get to explore their options, their marketability and interview with companies and positions that have been specifically matched to their background and interests.  Additionally, the officers we have partnered with will have confidence in knowing that Cameron-Brooks will always be a career partner and a resource throughout the duration of their business careers.

There is no financial cost to the officers to be a part of the Cameron-Brooks program.  Rather, for their part of the exchange of value, the “currency” that we ask for in return is in the form of commitment and trust.  The November Candidates have committed to the preparation and trust in the partnership that Cameron-Brooks will do everything we have agreed to in order help them be well prepared, conduct a true career search, and make a successful transition to Corporate America.  In exchange, what we have asked for is their commitment.  We ask officers to give us the first opportunity to present them to the business world.

In short, the agreement simply states that upon entering a partnership with Cameron-Brooks, our November Candidates have not sent out resumes, contacted other companies or recruiting firms for the purpose of setting up interviews and seeking employment, until they attend this upcoming Career Conference.  The agreement does NOT state or require that they will accept a position with one of our client companies or be exclusive with Cameron-Brooks.  Rather, they have agreed to invest in this program with their time, effort, and trust. They’re giving the client companies we represent the first opportunity to interview them.  Should they choose to pursue opportunities outside of Cameron-Brooks on their own, they may absolutely do so and we have asked that they sequence their career search in such a manner that they pursue those opportunities only after attending the November Career Conference.

You can read the agreement in full by clicking on this link:  DPP Agreement.

As we put the final touches on the Conference, we have 100% delivered  on the promises we made to all of our November Career Conference Candidates to help them be well prepared, be ready to explore their options, and interview with industry leading companies and decision makers.  We expect the average number of interviews per candidate to be ~12.5.   This will mark the third  consecutive Conference with the average number of  interviews above 12 and our 6th consecutive Conference with the average interviews above 10, all while still navigating a global pandemic!

We have a terrific lineup of companies and opportunities attending the virtual November Career Conference with nearly 50 hiring groups and 33 distinct companies.  Additionally, we have 18 Cameron-Brooks alumni among the other company recruiters attending to recruit for OPEN positions on behalf of their companies.

Here is a quick sampling of what we have in store for the November candidates:

Sample Industries Include:

Consulting; Medical Device; Pharmaceutical; Robotics; Banking & Financial Services; Consumer Package Goods; Textiles; Diagnostic Testing; Commercial Insurance;  Alternative Energy;  Aerospace; Oil & Gas; High Technology; Communications; Professional Services; and many more.

Sample Companies Include:

Corning, Inc; Catalent, Inc; DaVita, Inc; Johnson & Johnson; ExxonMobil; PwC; EY; Boston Scientific; KeyBank; Altec Industries; Eli Lilly & Company; Citigroup, Inc; EMCOR; Love’s Travel Stops; NextEra Energy, Inc; and many more.

Sample Positions Include:

Clinical Specialist; Engineering Supervisor; Global Program Manager; Associate Brand Manager; Senior Manufacturing Supervisor; Project Engineer; Field Engineer; Group Facility Administrator; Business Analyst; Quality Manager; Senior Consultant; Pricing Deal Analyst; Territory Manager; Client Experience Process Engineer; Finance Manager; Procurement Category Manager; Information Systems Manager; Senior Development Project Manager; Fleet Management Director; and many more.

Sample Locations Include:

Chicago, IL; Boston, MA; New York City, NY; Tampa, FL; Lexington, KY; Charlotte, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Dayton, OH; Indianapolis, IN; Kansas City, MO; Atlanta, GA; Boulder, CO; San Francisco, CA; Austin, TX; Nashville, TN; Dallas, TX; Ft Lauderdale, FL; Los Angeles, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Phoenix, AZ; Washington, DC; and more.

Stay tuned until next week. I’ll be back to post the results of the November 2021 Cameron-Brooks Career Conference!