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BY Joel Junker

The Cameron-Brooks Advantage

As a principal and transition coach at Cameron-Brooks, my daily work is recruiting, coaching, and mentoring top Junior Military Officers with whom we partner to help them successfully transition into the leadership track with top performing companies in Corporate America.  My two colleagues, Joel Junker and Pete Van Epps, and our great team of transition specialists and relationship managers also work very closely with the JMOs in our program to accomplish the very same thing.

But, there is a whole other side to Cameron-Brooks that works very closely with our client companies.  Our CEO, Chuck Alvarez, and associate principal, Lauren Kordzik, lead this effort to help our client companies understand the JMO background and where you fit into Corporate America.   Companies do appreciate your service to our country but they don’t always understand your background, and how it could help them impact and grow their business.

So, for this blog post, I wanted to share a recent video published geared towards the client company side of Cameron-Brooks.  While it is not aimed at the JMO, it is very applicable and relevant to a JMO considering a transition to the business world to better understand all sides of Cameron-Brooks and the true value of what a firm like Cameron-Brooks can do to help JMOs in making a successful transition to Corporate America.

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