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BY Joel Junker

Excellent Resource for a JMO to Improve Communication and Interviewing Skills

I apologize for the short post this week.  Cameron-Brooks is in full force preparing for our January/February 2010 Career Conference in Austin, TX which kicks off this Friday.  As a result, I am keeping my post short though I hope you find it as useful as previous posts.

I love podcasts and I really enjoy podcasts that help me grow and improve at work.  I recently have been listening to episodes of the podcast: The Public Speaker: Quick and Dirty Tips for Improving Your Communication Skills, http://publicspeaker.quickanddirtytips.com/.  Some of the podcasts have been about mastering the art of a conversation (many interviews today are conversational), how to introduce yourself and how to ask questions.  There are also episodes with tips on how to deliver effective presentations which is huge for my role here at Cameron-Brooks.  If you want to improve your communication and thus your interviewing skills, this podcast will provide you with some great tips.  The episodes are short, full of real life examples and tips you can apply immediately.

I offer one piece of caution.  I have not evaluated episodes that have specific advice on interviewing or the book on interviewing that is associated with the podcast.  If you are a JMO and looking for specific interviewing advice, I highly recommend you stick with JMO headhunters who are experts in the unique aspects of a JMO career search and interviews.  You can learn a lot about interviewing by visiting the Cameron-Brooks website at www.cameron-brooks.com and specifically visiting the Cameron-Brooks Resource Center at https://www.cameron-brooks.com/candidates_resourcecenter.html.

Continue to follow the blog because next week’s post will be about the January/February 2010 Conference.

Joel Junker