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BY Joel Junker

PCS to Corporate America, 4th Ed. Now Available

Cameron-Brooks is proud to announce PCS to Corporate America, 4th Edition!

We wish to thank the entire Cameron-Brooks Team, and our Alumni, client company recruiters and current JMO candidates for their support and insight.

You can order the book at http://tinyurl.com/d2m62qk/new-window.php

Here is a review from the publisher posted on Amazon.com:

PCS to Corporate America: From Military Tactics to Corporate Interviewing Strategy is both a workbook and a reference book for any junior military officer who is considering a permanent change of station (PCS) to the business world. Written by Roger Cameron, a leading authority on preparing JMOs for a successful transition to corporate America and the cofounder of the recruiting firm Cameron-Brooks Inc., this best-selling resource guides candidates through each stage of the job search from making an application to accepting an offer, with emphasis on mission-critical preparation for the initial and follow-up interviews. Roger discusses the wide array of questions you can expect in an interview and gives you the tools and techniques to develop excellent responses based on a self-assessment of your abilities and accomplishments. Most important, he provides confidence-building exercises to help you understand the value of your military experience in a corporate setting. He also offers ideas for adapting your unique military background to the culture and requirements of a company. In addition to a reading list that will give you a sound knowledge of basic business concepts, the book contains a wealth of practical tips for writing an effective resume, dressing appropriately, establishing rapport with the recruiter, conveying problem-solving and leadership skills, and much more while avoiding the many pitfalls that can result in a negative impression. This edition of PCS to Corporate America, written with the assistance of Cameron-Brooks team members Chuck Alvarez and Joel Junker, has been updated to reflect the current business and military environments. The advice in these pages will not only prepare you for a new future in corporate America but also foster your professional growth as you advance in your business career.”

As one of the contributing authors, I will write another post in the coming weeks outlining the major updates from the 3rd Ed., published in 2000, to 4th Ed., published in 2012, and why we feel this is the book of choice for JMOs tranistioning from business to corporate America.

Joel Junker