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BY Joel Junker

The November 2016 Career Conference

Today the Cameron-Brooks team will travel to Charlotte, NC for our fifth and final Career Conference of 2016!!  Time has certainly flown by in 2016 and we are excited for another busy but very productive four days!

In my past blog post discussing the June Career Conference, I addressed the current state of the economy because at that time the US job growth had slowed and there was uncertainty surrounding the market.  Now, as we are very close to the Presidential Election, there remains uncertainty in the market which is pretty typical of any election year.  I distinctly remember my Career Conference in November 2000 and the actual election occurred during the Conference and there was certainly some caution in the market at that time as well.  As we said before, we are not economists at C-B, and anyone that can tell you with certainty where the economy is heading is fooling you and him or herself.   We have heard from our client companies in preparation for the November Career Conference and there is a feeling of uncertainty in the market but that is not stopping them from hiring.  In fact, one thing that is certain is that companies are coming to the November Career Conference with open positions they are ready to hire for and we are still expecting close to 12 interviews per candidate!  Now, what does that mean for the November Conference candidates?  It simply means the opportunities are there but the bar will be high.  It means companies are looking for high quality, well prepared JMOs that can effectively communicate their background and show that they can make an impact within their organization. So for all of the November Candidates, come ready with all of your hard work and preparation in DPP to show you can help these great companies solve their problems!

As for the upcoming November Career Conference, here is a quick snapshot of how things are shaping up:

Sample industries represented at the November Career Conference include: Bio pharma & Pharmaceutical, Consumer Services, Consumer Products, Medical Device, High Technology, Energy, Consulting, Health Care, Construction, Building Materials, Advertising, Marketing, Transportation, and more.

Sample companies include:  Mars, Inc., St. Jude Medical, Enerflex Energy Systems, Michelin North America, PACTIV Corporation, USAA, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, The Wine Group, and many more.

Same positions include:  Account Manager, Program Operations Manager, Development Project Manager, Engineering Team Leader, Facilities Manager, Brand Manager, Manufacturing Supervisor, Project Engineer, Associate Account Executive, Warehouse Building Manager, Process Engineer, Terminal Manager, Senior Financial Analyst, Automation General Manager, Decision Science Analyst, and many more.

Sample locations include:  Chicago, IL; Columbus, OH; Charlotte, NC; Atlanta, GA; Milwaukee, WI; Houston, TX; Indianapolis, IN; New York City, NY; Nashville, TN; Minneapolis, MN; Greenville, SC; Los Angeles, CA; Grand Rapids, MI; Phoenix, AZ; San Antonio, TX; and many more.

We look forward to having all the candidates and companies in Charlotte to kick off the final Conference of 2016 and help them reach their goals and dreams. Stay tuned next week when I post the results of the November Conference!

Rob Davis