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BY Joel Junker

Companies, Industries and Positions at the November 2010 Conference

In addition to my recent blog post describing the November Conference results, I wanted to provide some insight into the quality of the companies and opportunities represented at the Conference.

As always, a wide variety of companies attended the Conference.  The size of the companies ranged from a company with 25 employees to one with 40,000+ employees.  Privately held and family owned companies attended as well as some of the largest companies on the Fortune 500 list.  Industries included global consulting services, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, industrial coatings, logistics, consumer products, software, mining and construction, medical device, oil and gas exploration and production, solar energy, packaging, engineered industrial products, power distribution, risk consulting, industrial gases and delivery systems, and financial services.  Job titles included Quality Assurance, Senior Financial Analyst, Operations Manager, Distribution Team Leader, Technical Systems Manager, Account Manager, Field Product Support Manager, Marketing Product Manager, Field Clinical Representative, Reliability Engineer, Department Supervisor, Applications Engineer, Corporate Finance, Senior Consultant, Account Representative, Manufacturing Supervisor, Mechanical Services Engineer, Program Manager, Associate Brand Manager, Forecasting and Replenishment Planner, Construction Specialist, Asset Manager, Systems Engineer, Logistics Project Manager, Sales Representative, Program Account Manager, Production Superintendent, Account Manager, Internal Consulting, and Production Sales Specialist.

Cameron-Brooks represents a wide variety of industries, companies and positions because we recognize every candidate is unique, and we believe that conducting a thorough and broad career search allows a candidate to make a good career decision.  This broad search involves interviewing with numerous companies and evaluating options, which helps ensure candidates launch their career while building a strong track record of success and a foundation for their future.  We are very fortunate to have thousands of alumni working in key leadership roles in Corporate America, and these alumni bring their organizations back time and again to Cameron-Brooks Conferences to hire high potential candidates.  In fact, we had 23 alumni attend and recruit for their company at the November conference.

To learn more about the Conference experience, visit our YouTube Channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/TheCameronBrooks and our Facebook

I also want to use this post to introduce Rob Davis, the newest Cameron-Brooks team member.  Rob will be one of the lead recruiters for Cameron-Brooks.  He attended the November 2000 Career Conference, and at that time, he was an Army Armor Company Commander transitioning to Corporate America.  He completed his Conference with a perfect 14 interviews and 14 pursuits and accepted a position with Cisco Systems.  Rob brings tremendous experience and knowledge to the Cameron-Brooks team with a Mechanical Engineering degree from West Point and an Executive MBA from Southern Methodist University.  He has 10 years of business experience at Cisco Systems and Oldcastle, one of the world’s leading building products and materials companies, where he was a Vice President of Operations.  Rob will be traveling throughout the US meeting personally and coaching Cameron-Brooks JMO candidates. 

At this time of year, we are especially thankful for military service men and women, and thankful for the opportunity to serve them.

I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Joel Junker