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Meet Cameron-Brooks Team Member, Megan Druen-Miller

Every member of the Cameron-Brooks team plays an important part in the military-to-corporate process of turning our JMO candidates’ dreams and goals into reality. Getting to know our candidates is a critical part of the journey, as is getting to know us, so here is another one of our fabulous team members.

Meet Megan Druen-Miller with our Client Services Team. Megan’s career with Cameron-Brooks began in 2014 and she has proved to be an invaluable player in the office ever since.

How long you’ve been with the company and how your role has evolved?

“I started with the Cameron-Brooks team in August of 2014, so I am just starting my 7th year. I began my career with the client companies side of the office and have spent most of my time learning the inner workings of the conference cycle. Preparing for and executing conferences as well as helping facilitate the follow-up interview process. As I have developed and grown into my role, taking on more responsibilities within my original scope of work, I have also enveloped part of the accounting, marketing, and IT processes within the company.”

What is your favorite part about working for Cameron-Brooks?

“I imagine most anyone who works for Cameron-Brooks would say that one of the best parts of what we do is having the opportunity to work alongside accomplished military officers and their families as they transition into the business world. It is incredibly rewarding watching these men and women lean into their military experiences to become leaders in their business careers.”

Do you work more with candidates or client companies?

“My job is a nice mix of both. I predominantly work with client companies, most of which is in the background, working within and maintaining our client relationship management systems. However, during conferences and throughout the follow-up process, I get to spend a considerable amount of time working directly with clients and candidates building quality relationships with each.”

What is your best piece of advice for any JMO considering a transition?

“If you are looking to transition from a career in the military to a career in business don’t do it alone! Work with a team who will walk alongside you, helping translate your experiences and accomplishments in the military to the business world.”

Tell us about your passions outside of the office…

“Family – getting to spend quality time with my husband and daughter making memories or just being together is at the top of my list. I also love to sing, to travel, and event plan on a small scale.”

Tell us one thing on your bucket list.

“I’d love to stamp a few more pages in my Passport. Europe, Australia, New Zealand are just a few soils upon which I’d like to set my feet.”

Megan is a key player during all of our hiring conferences and works closely with candidates and companies throughout the process. Be sure to say hello to her at the next Career Conference!

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