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BY Joel Junker

June 2017 Career Conference Results & Testimonials

The Cameron-Brooks team, client companies, and candidates have just completed the June 2017 Career Conference and have traveled home safely to their respective towns, cities, bases and posts.  We are now actively working on the follow-up process with candidates traveling to visit companies for second interviews and many candidates will be traveling to visit companies as early as this coming Monday.   It was a very busy but productive Career Conference with over 615 interviews conducted with an average of 13.3 interviews and a pursuit rate of nearly 61%.   The pursuit rate is defined as the number of interviews in which the candidates achieved success divided by the total number of their interviews.   Achieving success in an interview at the Career Conference simply means the companies expressed interest in moving forward in the interview process with the candidate.   So, for this Conference, the candidates converted just above 8.1 of those 13.3 interviews into a successful interview.

There were 30+ distinct companies attended but several companies had multiple divisions attend.  Additionally, there were several new companies attending in addition to some long standing Cameron-Brooks client companies.  The size of the companies attending varied from several smaller privately held companies to the largest company on the most recent FORTUNE 500 list.

Some of the client companies represented at the June Career Conference included the following:

  • The #1 retailer in the United States and the world, servicing 260 million customers per week at more that 11,000 retail units under 59 different banners in 28 countries.  This company revolutionized the retail industry by providing customers with quality products at the lowest available prices.  They introduced and broadly implemented the distribution concepts that are widely used today across all businesses, thereby defining the supply chain process as we know it.  They attended the June Conference recruiting for operations team leadership positions.
  • The world’s leading general aviation company and home to the most iconic aircraft brands which account for more than half of all general aviation aircraft flying including 250,000 aircraft globally.  It provides the most versatile and comprehensive general aviation product portfolio in the world through 5 principle lines of business:  business jets, general aviation and special mission turboprop aircraft, high performance piston aircraft, military trainer and defense aircraft, and a complete global customer service organization.  They attended the conference recruiting for project/program management and sales positions.
  • A FORTUNE 500 company and the world’s most comprehensive manufacturer of health care products.  The company’s mission is to improve the quality of life of people around the world.  They provide products and related services to 3 major segments of the health care industry:  Medical Devices, Consumer Healthcare, and Pharmaceuticals.  They operate over 260 companies in virtually all countries in the world.  They attended the June Conference recruiting for team leadership and Corporate Finance positions.
  • A leading global executive search and assessment firm with more than 370 consultants based in 46 offices worldwide.  The firm works closely with public and private companies/organizations to assess and recruit senior executives and board members to drive long-term growth and success.  Their in-depth knowledge of major industries and their clients’ specific business challenges ensure their clients secure the best team leadership teams for the ongoing success of their businesses and helps them mitigate the risks associated with senior-level appointments.  They attended the conference recruiting for business development positions.
  • A global leader in the design, manufacture, and state-of-the-art natural gas processing plants and compression systems for the energy, oil, natural gas, and chemical industries worldwide.  With industry roots that stretch back 40 years, including fielding millions of horsepower of compression systems, the company has amassed industry-leading knowledge vital for upstream, midstream, and downstream compression applications.  Whether customers are compressing natural gas, adding pressure to an oil reservoir, or compressing propane to coll a petrochemical stream, they have an engineered solution to help maximize equipment up time and drive productivity.  They attended the June Conference recruiting for engineering project management positions.
  • And many more……….

Below are some testimonials from the June Conference candidates!

If you are interested in exploring your options and seeing how Cameron-Brooks could assist you in your career search just like our June Career Conference candidates, check out the link below for our upcoming base visits in your area:


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