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BY Joel Junker

From JMO to Business CEO – Leadership Lessons

Monday, Procter & Gamble  (P&G) announced Bob McDonald, current P&G Chief Operating Officer, will assume the CEO position at P&G and A.G. Lafley will step down after a very successful tenure.  Both Mr. Lafley and Mr. McDonald are former JMOs,  Lafley Navy, and McDonald a USMA graduate and Army JMO.  When Roger Cameron started the JMO recruiting industry in the 1960’s during the Vietnam war, Procter & Gamble was one of the first three companies to partner with Roger to hire JMO leaders.  It is exciting for Cameron-Brooks to see the success JMOs can have in their companies and the impact they can make.

I just finished watching an hour-long video of McDonald speaking to MIT MBA students earlier this year.  He discusses the importance of self-analysis, developing a purpose for your life and career, sharing that purpose with others, why leadership is the most important and scarcest resource in the world and his 10 tenets of leadership.  If you are a JMO, current business leader or in any type of leadership position, this is a must watch video.  Go to http://mitworld.mit.edu/video/664.  You will learn how to develop a purpose for your life and understand your leadership style, why feedback to your team members is critical, the importance of adapting to the environment, leading change and more.

For those of you who are familiar with the Cameron-Brooks program, you will hear references to many of the books in Cameron-Brooks Reading Program© and McDonald also highlights the importance of self-development throughout your career.  It makes sense that the Cameron-Brooks Development and Preparation Program© is aligned with P&G since they were one of our first client companies and Roger based the program for Cameron-Brooks candidates to be successful in the transitions and careers with his clients at the time.

I want to thank FB Castro, current Cameron-Brooks candidate, for sending me the video link.  It really made me think through my leadership and how to apply it at Cameron-Brooks, as well as teach others in our program.

As a side note, Bob McDonald took an active role of continuing to hire JMOs at P&G and attended past Cameron-Brooks Conferences.  He actually talks about the importance of staying connected with recruiting during this lecture. 

Joel Junker