Our Blog

BY Joel Junker

Introduction to the Cameron-Brooks Blog

All of us at Cameron-Brooks are excited to launch our new blog.  In the last 3 years, we have worked very hard to provide more up to date information to reach more junior military officers and Cameron-Brooks Alumni.  The military has significantly changed since 9-11 and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  Our clients needs continue to evolve as well in this dynamic global economy.  As a result, we are changing to meet the needs of our candidates, clients and alumni.


Our efforts include a new Facebook page, redesigning our website which will include a new Preparation Resource Center for military officers considering a transition, and a completely redesigned DPP and Reading Program which will all be online.  We will also continue our podcasts and webcasts.  This blog is one more tool to provide current and accurate information to help others reach their career goals.


We will have several contributors to the blog to include Steve Sosland and Scott LePage who primarily focus on the recruitment and development of our candidates, and Chuck Alvarez and I (Joel Junker) who primarily work with client companies.  With four contributors we hope to bring you diverse perspectives, ideas and experiences.  Our goal is to have 2 to 3 postings per week so please check the blog weekly. 


We wish you the best of success in reaching your goals.  Enjoy.


Joel Junker