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BY Joel Junker

How to Learn More About Cameron-Brooks’ Clients

Many of you who follow the blog read about our recent April Career Conference results.  I have received several e-mails and met personally with some candidates who specifically want to know more about who our client companies are and why we do not publish the names on our blog.  It is a fair question and also understandable why someone would want to know the specific names of our clients.  I want to use this post to explain why we rarely publish client company names on our website, Facebook page or here in our blog.

First, many of our clients ask us not to publish their names.  In many cases, we sign a contract with a company where we agree we will not use their name to market Cameron-Brooks’ services.  While some of our clients would consider using their names in a blog as a means to inform our candidates and potential candidates and not really to market Cameron-Brooks, some clients might not see it this way.  Therefore, it is better for Cameron-Brooks to be safe and comply with the requests of our valued clients.  Why don’t they want us to use their names?  Because more than just our candidates read the blog to include people conducting their own job searches and, in some cases, competitors.  Our clients do not want to be contacted by a lot of other recruiting or headhunting firms or individual candidates sending resumes and applications. 

Second, it is simply not good business for us to advertise our clients.  René Brooks, the CEO of our company, took 40+ years to build up client relationships, and Chuck Alvarez, the President of our company, invested 16 years to build up his relationships.  We are protective of those relationships.  In many cases, Cameron-Brooks is the recruiting firm of choice for these companies.  We do not want to advertise to other competitors who was hiring at our last Conference.  We have worked hard to establish these relationships, and continue to work hard today to maintain them. 

Even though we do not publish the names on the blog, there are many ways for one to discover a thorough sampling of our clients.  First, we will tell you verbally.  I am often asked by candidates in our program or JMOs curious about Cameron-Brooks for some example companies or sampling of companies from previous conferences.  Rob Davis, my colleague who also partners with our JMO candidates, and I are always more than willing to go over this verbally.  We will even discuss some of the positions.  Rob and I also share client company names during our general webcasts and Information Meetings that we present to prospective JMOs.  For those JMOs already in our program, this is one great reason to attend another Information Meeting or webcast even though you have already done so.  Rob and I also conduct webcasts quarterly for candidates who are a part of our preparation program where we discuss recent trends in recruiting, results from previous conferences, and a sampling of companies and positions.  Finally, our mailing campaigns contain quotes from previous JMOs we have placed in business careers, and at the end of the quotes, we list their starting positions and companies.

Yes, you can learn more about companies and positions.  It takes some effort to either read our material or attend an Information Meeting or a webcast.  If you take time to read or attend another presentation, I guarantee you will learn much more than just a sampling of our clients to include valuable career transition and interviewing advice!

Joel Junker