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BY Joel Junker

Holiday Wishes from the Cameron-Brooks Team!

Season’s Greetings!!!

                 As we look forward to the New Year, it’s a great time to pause to appreciate our blessings, especially for all the things throughout the year that we have been able to accomplish together.  At the top of our list are the many relationships both in the military and in the corporate world with whom we are so privileged to work and to know as friends.  We feel grateful for you and the trust you put in us to serve you and your organizations.  We also had some big changes throughout the year at Cameron-Brooks – a new enterprise IT system, a new office building, and several new additions to the Cameron-Brooks Team.  All of these big changes manifested the blessings of groups of dedicated people working together to accomplish challenging objectives. 

            We have also reflected over the past year and, as always, are reminded what a privilege it is to work in a servant-oriented environment.  The Officers with whom we work make incredible sacrifices daily over the course of their careers, and unselfishly spend time away from families in order to protect our freedoms.  You carry a natural sense of duty, and we often find ourselves looking to you as examples of the types of people we want to be.  And, for that, and a plethora of other reasons, we are completely in your debt.  What an honor it is to count you among our friends, and help you continue to live your dreams in your next career.

            We are also very fortunate to have built close working and, many times, personal relationships with our client companies.  What a privilege it is to work with consummate professionals who daily “walk their talk,” realizing the value of the people who work for them and striving to maintain excellence within their organizations. 

            Change can be a very good thing.  We hope the New Year brings some very exciting ones for you, and that you find a myriad of positives in whatever comes your way.  We are very excited about working with you in the coming months.

            Wishing You Health, Happiness and Warm Holiday Wishes!


Chuck, Joel, Mary Lou, Lauren, Rob, Pete, Janis, Candy, Pam, Michelle, Leslie, Danielle, Bernadette, Aimee, Rachel, Josie, Wade, Stephanie, Kelly, Megan and Julie