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BY Joel Junker

Easy Answers to Success?

In today’s economy, and during the Global War on Terror with combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, it seems as if the military, government , and businesses are constantly fighting some challenge or battle, and the “wins” do not come easily.  As a result, sometimes work can be repetitious, a struggle, or seem like a brick wall that we may not want to climb again.  Regardless of whether you are a military officer or business leader, you are not alone if you occasionally experience this. 

Today, I read an e-mail from Jeffrey Gitomer in his “Sales Caffeine” Issue 399 that reminded me of some answers to overcoming obstacles and staying motivated to achieve success.  Jeffrey Gitomer is a motivational sales guru who has written numerous professional sales books and articles, and travels throughout the world giving presentations on being successful in a sales career.  Although Gitomer is writing about being successful in sales, you can easily substitute  your own current career field or work for the words “sales” or “selling”.  Below is a quote from the article I read this morning about the answers to being successful.

“There are no easy answers. And there are very few answers that don’t require commitment, planning, and work — hard work.

GOOD NEWS: Most salespeople are not willing to do the hard work it takes to make selling easy. So if you’re willing, you automatically move to the top 10%. And if you execute, you’re in the top 5%.

MAJOR CLUE: How do you tell the whiners from the winners? The whiners are complaining about everything and they’re worried about “losing their job.” The winners are planning to win, believing they’ll win, and taking action. Which are you?”

When I read this, the words “commitment,” “planning,” “hard work,” “willing,” “execute,” and the phrase “…believing they’ll win, and taking action” jumped out at me as what “winners” do.  Gitomer says, “There are no easy answers.”  What he means is that the answers are obvious, but doing them every day despite the challenges, obstacles and brick walls is not easy.  Notice, Gitomer makes the point that if you are willing to do the hard work, “You automatically move to the top 10%.”  Problem, most people aren’t willing to step up and work hard.  Are you?  Then, Gitomer goes on to say, “And if you execute, you’re in the top 5%.”  He is saying, commit to hard work, set goals, develop a plan, and execute your plan each day.  If you do those things despite the conditions around you (which by the way you cannot control), you will be far above your competition and, more importantly, better serve your team members and internal and external customers.

I will be the first to admit I want to control the external environment, the economy, etc.  I have to remind myself I cannot;  but I can “commit,” “plan,” “work hard,” “execute,” be professional, and be a partner to the Cameron-Brooks JMO candidates and our clients, serving them in the same way I would want to be treated.

Joel Junker