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BY Joel Junker

Developing Your Knowledge Before You Make the Transition from the Military to Corporate America

What do you know about Lean Manufacturing, Total Productive Maintenance, Kaizen, or Consultative Selling? How about Six Sigma, Process Excellence, Self-Directed Work Teams, Risk Management or Change Management?


The JMO candidates who have succeeded in their career search understood these business concepts, but more importantly, related their military background to them and bring the topics into interviews with them.


Their secret? They read, studied, and applied the business knowledge they learned from business books, FORTUNE Magazine and other business periodicals BEFORE the transition.  During a transition, whether it is initial or follow up interviews, you will be immersed in business concepts and your comfort level with these concepts will help you assimilate information more efficiently and ultimately engage recruiters in more productive dialogue.


To be successful, you must practice reading business literature and relating your background to what you read. When you read a business article on risk management, ask yourself how your background relates to process validation, compliance, and controls.  If you read a newspaper article on Lean or Six Sigma, try to relate your background to the topic. 


 Joel Junker