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BY Joel Junker

The Cameron-Brooks Personal Marketability Assessment

One of the most valuable resources Cameron-Brooks offers a military officer is a Personal Marketability Assessment.  Most officers, even if they are going to stay for a career, consider at one time or another their options outside of the military and wonder if their skill sets and interests will fit with corporate America.  Officers wonder:

“Am I marketable?”

“What types of positions do I qualify for?”

“What kind of compensation can I expect?”

“What can I do to improve my marketability?”

“Would I be a good fit with the Cameron-Brooks Program?”

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A Personal Marketability Assessment with a Cameron-Brooks Recruiter answers all of those questions and more.  Whether or not the officer and Cameron-Brooks form a partnership to prepare for the transition, every officer will leave the session with increased knowledge of their options in business in order to set career goals and an action plan to reach them.

It is easy and straightforward to prepare for a Personal Marketability Assessment:

A Personal Marketability Assessment can be done in person when we have a Recruiter in your area, via Skype or Facetime and over the phone.  Regardless, here is what to expect:

  • You will be asked about what you gained from watching the presentation or reading PCS to Corporate America. Our Recruiter wants to hear what is interesting to you about business and what intrigues you.  The Cameron-Brooks Recruiter could also ask you about your thought process in some of your education and career decisions, as well as your best military accomplishment and favorite and least favorite position.
  • You will also have the opportunity to ask the Recruiter your questions, and at the end, the Cameron-Brooks Recruiter will provide feedback answering the questions mentioned above, as well as let you know about the possibility of a Partnership with Cameron-Brooks and the next steps.