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BY Joel Junker

Cameron-Brooks JMO Alumnus Success Story

I like to share stories of Cameron-Brooks Alumni and their successes.  Recently, Cameron-Brooks Team Member, Mary Lou White, visited San Francisco, CA and had lunch with Sean Blair, former Air Force JMO, who is now a medical device sales representative at Johnson & Johnson.  After the lunch, Mary Lou sent our team an e-mail describing his success.  I changed some of the e-mail to make it easier for those outside of Cameron-Brooks to understand.  By the way, Mary Lou has been working with Roger Cameron and Rene Brooks since 1977, and has a tremendous amount of experience in the JMO recruiting industry.

 Mary Lou’s e-mail.

I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting with Sean Blair for lunch in San Francisco.  He was dressed in his red scrubs (they have the med device reps wear red scrubs versus blue so sales reps stand out) and had just come from a couple of procedures that morning.  He is a Territory Assistant building his experience to prepare to take over his own territory soon.  However, he has a lot of “hands on” work managing the territory and advising surgeons in procedures.  He has also been an integral part of changing a key hospital in the Bay Area to using his company’s product line.  This hospital had been staunchly in the corner of a competitor, but has now converted to J&J.  The other team member involved with converting this account was another Cameron-Brooks Alumnus, Brandon Daum, who has been a sales representative at J&J for 4 years.  This conversion is huge because it is the second largest hospital in its system.  Sean covers the entire Northern California region and part of Nevada, but he has been spending a majority of his time in San Francisco at this hospital – it has become his “second home.”  He is thriving in this role.  He says he would never have thought of sales as a career before Cameron-Brooks and yet now he knows it is perfect for him.  He repeatedly said how much he appreciates all that Cameron-Brooks has done to get him to this place.  He absolutely loves living in the Bay Area.  He promised to get on the Cameron-Brooks Alumni network and be a resource to other Cameron-Brooks JMO candidates.  Sean is a big supporter of C-B.

 Finally, Sean is doing so well that his Regional Manager, another C-B Alum from 1976, is keeping close tabs on him and continues to let him know he has his eye on Sean as Sean is really already making a good name for himself.

 End of Mary Lou’s e-mail.

 Joel Junker