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BY Joel Junker

Cameron-Brooks Alumni Partnership Program

One of the major benefits of completing the Cameron-Brooks Development and Preparation Program® (DPP®) and attending a Conference,  is in becoming a Cameron-Brooks Alumnus and having access to our Alumni services. 

The Cameron-Brooks Guiding Principles state, “We help build the future of companies and individuals by committing ourselves to the development and growth of all we serve…We care about the people with whom we work and the lives we touch and strive to help all who enter into a partnership with Cameron-Brooks to improve their business, achieve their potential and live their dreams.”  These principles are in total alignment with our clients hiring and development of the Cameron-Brooks JMOs to have significant roles leading their companies in the future.  Our clients recognize the value we offer our Alumni, and their trust and confidence in Cameron-Brooks allow us to stay close to our Alumni throughout their careers, mentoring them to reach their potential, develop their business skills, further their education and fight through challenges.

The Cameron-Brooks Alumni services include:

Ongoing self-development support with our Tips of the Month, individual mentoring sessions, and soon we will have a Learning Resource Center on our website with an exclusive section for the Cameron-Brooks Alumni.

Career mentorship helping our Alumni overcome the natural and expected challenges throughout a career.  Our Alumni and client companies value our advice because we can provide 44+ years of experience to help our Alumni directly tackle business and individual professional challenges versus “cutting and running” when the going gets tough.  We have seen it over and over again, those who stay committed and lead in their company during a “bump in the road” achieve more career success than those who take the easy way out and leave to look for something “better.” 

Assistance with continuing education.  Each year we write numerous letters of recommendation for part time and Executive MBA programs.  Business schools know that Cameron-Brooks works with a select few JMOs each year and the competition to get into our program is high. Guidance to prepare for promotional interviews includes mock interviews and advice on navigating and negotiating career advancement.  We have deep knowledge of career management and how to prepare for competitive promotional interviews.

There is no fee for our candidates because this is part of the Cameron-Brooks Guiding Principles philosophy.  Also, our Alumni continually reward us and our candidates by attending Conferences and recruiting for key positions within their companies, as well as supporting other Cameron-Brooks Alumni throughout the business world.

We commit to our clients and candidates that we will only facilitate the career of a candidate to a company once  – meaning we will never re-place a candidate.  We seek to achieve a Win-Win-Win relationship for candidates, clients and us.  We believe replacing or taking a candidate from one of our client companies, only benefits the recruiting firm in another fee, not the other partners in the relationship.  Our client companies respect our philosophy and 44 years of credibility.

With 44+ years of experience in facilitating career searches, we know the Cameron-Brooks program works and is designed to help the JMO candidate launch his or her career in the right industry, company and position the FIRST time. 

We know from experience that developing a track record by staying with a company and achieving successes is the fastest way to grow a career.  In the book First Break All the Rules,  Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman back this up with data from the Gallup Poll that found it takes 5 years just to have a significant effect in a career (figure out what you are doing and make a meaningful impact), and 10 to 18 years before one develops a world class competency.  Leaving a company early in a career, or job hopping, results in a lot of “false starts” and beginning over.

Our clients use Cameron-Brooks as a strategic resource to build the future leadership of their companies.  We don’t just help our companies fill positions, we help them hire and develop leaders who can be key persons in the future of their companies.  This is the commitment we make to our clients, and our program works because we have thousands of alumni in leadership positions throughout Corporate America.

 Joel Junker