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BY Joel Junker

Cameron-Brooks Alumni Partner to Make a Difference in a Patient’s Life

When I meet with junior military officers (JMOs) to discuss a possible transition from military to business, I often hear them express the concern of finding a career where they feel they will make a difference.  I understand this since these JMOs have been serving our country, fighting the war on terror, and defending our freedom.  When I was a JMO considering a transition, I remember Cameron-Brooks Recruiter Steve Sosland telling me that I would find new ways to serve others and have worthwhile work in my career.  Frequently, Cameron-Brooks Alumni share with me how they are making an impact in their careers and making a difference in people’s lives.  Yesterday, an alumnus called to tell me the difference that he and a Cameron-Brooks Alumna had made in a patient’s life that day.

Dan, the Cameron-Brooks Alumnus to whom I am referring, is a Clinical Specialist with a leading medical device company in their neuromodulation division in south Florida.  Neuromodulation is a therapy that uses microelectronic devices implanted in a patient’s back with leads (wires) that go into the spine.  The microelectronic device sends electricity through the leads into the spine and this electricity creates a tingling sensation that masks debilitating pain.  Dan was called into an emergency case last week where a patient with a heart pacemaker also needed a neuromodulation device for pain management.  A pacemaker uses similar technology to neuromodulation stimulation where a microelectronic device sends electricity through leads to the heart to synchronize an irregular heartbeat.  Pacemakers are cardiac rhythm management (CRM) devices and sold and supported by another division of the company.  Because the devices both use microelectronic stimulation they can interfere with one another if not implanted properly.  The procedure for the patient would require a representative from both divisions of the company to advise the physician.  It just so happens that the CRM Field Clinical Representative in south Florida, Laura, is a Cameron-Brooks Alumna.  (By coincidence, both alumni also attended the November 2008 Career Conference.)

In the procedure, the two Cameron-Brooks Alumni, Dan and Laura, guided the surgeon on implanting and synchronizing the devices, ensuring the patient had an effective and life saving pacemaker and a neuromodulation device.  When Dan and Laura completed the procedure, they shared with one another how much they enjoyed their careers and discussed how Cameron-Brooks facilitated their transition which ultimately played a part in this procedure, impacting the patient and physician.  Later that day, Dan called me to share the story. 

This story not only points to the fact that, yes, JMOs can find value in their work outside of the military, but also illustrates the Cameron-Brooks partnership of facilitating a win for our clients, a win for our candidates and ultimately a win for Cameron-Brooks.

Joel Junker