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Cameron-Brooks April 2010 Career Conference

As our Cameron-Brooks team heads back from Charlotte, NC to our office in Texas, I am excited about sharing the results of the April 2010 Career Conference with you.  The April Conference continued the trend of increasing numbers of career opportunities, and the Cameron-Brooks candidates benefitted with the average number of interviews reaching the highest point we’ve seen in 2 years.  Additionally, all of the junior military officer candidates achieved success with companies pursuing them after the Conference.

As we travel around the U.S. and visit military concentration areas overseas, we continue to meet military officers who are not aware of the strong market for development candidates through the Cameron-Brooks program.  Our client companies are coming to us with more and more openings and are looking for top-caliber leadership talent to fill these positions.  I’d like to share with you one of the strengths on which  we have relied that has enabled us to find development career opportunities through the recession, and is driving our strong growth in career opportunities as U.S. economic news turns toward the positive – the C-B alumni network.

With decades of experience in helping great officers find powerful careers in Corporate America, our impact on businesses goes very deep.  We have literally thousands of alumni working in key positions throughout the business world.  Their track record of success and commitment to their companies has highlighted them as go-to leaders, and many are at a point where they are driving strategic initiatives for their organization.  For senior leaders in business, the retirement wave of baby-boomers and the subsequent leadership gap isn’t just a socio-economic statistic, it is a business reality.  They see the challenges and opportunities ahead for their business and know that they need to get the best leaders on board now to help them grow into the future.  Having experienced the opportunity to come through the Cameron-Brooks program first-hand along with the continuing mentoring  they receive throughout their career, our alumni are powerful advocates for you in Corporate America.  When they think about bringing in the next generation of leaders, they naturally think of Cameron-Brooks.

Here is how our extensive alumni network benefits Cameron-Brooks candidates:

  • Learning Resource – Many of our alumni have volunteered to talk to you about their careers.  We have alumni from a broad range of academic and military backgrounds working across a wide variety of career fields.  They can help you gather information to better understand careers in Corporate America or even help you determine if stepping into a development career is right for you.
  • Opportunities – We have alumni recruiting at every Conference.  At our April 2010 Conference, 21 of the companies that were recruiting were there because of our alumni.  This is an essential element of our success in finding opportunities for our candidates.  Our alumni are able to identify career positions that are a great fit for the unique performance, abilities and preparation of Cameron-Brooks candidates, and bring those to a Conference.  If you are working with Cameron-Brooks, you’ll see more opportunities thanks to our alumni.
  • Advocates – In addition to finding specific opportunities and bringing them to a Career Conference, our alumni continue to be advocates for your talent and potential.  Recently, Fortune wrote an article on the success of Junior Military Officers in Corporate America.  We were not surprised to see our alumni contributing to the article to ensure that businesses are aware of what you offer.

René Brooks, who works closely with our client companies, gets calls regularly from alumni who are working to bring opportunities back to Cameron-Brooks.  At the April Conference, we had an alumnus who has been working in Corporate America for 35 years and who was back recruiting.  We had another alumna with 18 years of experience who was recruiting for multiple opportunities.  Many of the alumni who were recruiting at the Conference have already achieved promotions, and several of them have had multiple promotions.  They continue to tell us that they got started down the right path using the Cameron-Brooks process.  We find that the best way we can help our alumni is to help them fill the positions they vacate due to promotions, or the opportunities that have been created as they have grown their business.

Much of our alumni work goes on behind the scenes, so we wanted to take this time to help our candidates understand what a powerful force it is for them.  Our close relationship and lifelong partnership with each alumnus and our years of experience, have allowed us to bring great companies and development positions despite the high unemployment rate and a challenging, though improving, economy.  Want to know more about our alumni program?  Visit our website at https://www.cameron-brooks.com/alumni.html.