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BY petevanepps

Too Busy to Read?

Businessman sitting at meeting room and working the job interview

President Harry Truman once said, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” Based on an article I recently read, my guess is that Retired USMC General James Mattis, former Commander of US Central Command, completely agrees with President Truman. General Mattis once sent an email to a colleague responding to an inquiry regarding the “importance of reading and military history for officers,” many of whom found themselves “too busy to read.” General Mattis’ response is invaluable as he offers up multiple examples of how reading helped him lead and achieve success. The email is focused on inspiring officers to enhance their leadership through reading. If you do a quick search of leading and reading on the internet, you will find a multitude of useful articles from  Forbes, Michael Hyatt, HBR and Cameron-Brooks, to name a few. I hope you enjoy the General’s email and his words inspire you to enhance your leadership through reading. You can link to the email here.

Pete Van Epps