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BY Joel Junker

Attitude & The August 2014 Career Conference

Today the Cameron-Brooks team will travel to Charlotte, NC to kick off our fourth Career Conference of 2014.  We are working on the final touches on our Conference preparation.  During our matching process where we develop our candidates’ interview schedules, our President and Owner, Chuck Alvarez, made a comment I thought was very pointed yet simple and yet this point cannot be over emphasized.  When we match candidates we look at the entire picture from the candidate’s military performance, positions held, academics, test scores, location preference, career field interests, etc.  to match against the objective and subjective requirements our client companies provide to us.  When all is said and done, if a candidate is on a company’s interview schedule, it means they have met the qualifications to be there.

What Chuck said was “once they are in the room, it is all about attitude.”   I could not agree more.  What he means is that companies are coming to hire candidates they feel are going to be a good fit in terms of ability but also in terms of fit for the company’s culture, values, etc.  Displaying the right attitude means demonstrating to a company in the interview the value you can bring to their organization.    It means showing them how you can contribute to help them solve their problems, etc.  What it does not mean is approaching the interview from an “I” or “me” perspective and interviewing in a way that shows a company this interview is all about you and what you can get from the company.   And, displaying a great attitude is paramount when you have a background that is considered non-traditional, like a JMO transitioning to Corporate America.

If a candidate’s objectives are not as strong, then displaying the right attitude becomes even more critical and must be an area of strength for that candidate.  Conversely, I have seen many candidates with a very strong resume in terms of academics, military performance, etc. get beat out by someone who, at least on paper, was not as strong because they simply lacked the right attitude.  So, for all of the August Candidates, safe travels to all of you and make sure you packed the right attitude to travel with you!

We have a very exciting Career Conference lined up for this weekend.  Sample industries for the August 2014 Career Conference include: Consulting, Medical Device, Construction, Healthcare,  Financial, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Consumer Products, High Technology, and more.

Sample companies include:  Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific, Chatham Financial, EY, Cintas Corporation, Eli Lilly, Kraft Foods, Linde Group, Unilever, Carrier Corporation, Medtronic, Gallo Winery, Koch Industries, , and many more.

Sample positions include:  Business Consultant, Senior Process Improvement Leader, Territory Manager, Application Engineer, Technical Services Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt, Supply Chain Manager, Reliability Engineering Supervisor, Strategic Commodity Manager, Senior Financial Analyst, Quality Program Manager, Strategic Account Executive, District Manager, Senior Logistics Manager, Process Engineer, and many more.

Sample locations include:  San Jose, Boston, Charlotte, Tampa, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Houston, Indianapolis, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Dallas, and many more.

Stay tuned to next week where I will publish a blog post commenting on the results of the August 2014 Career Conference.

Rob Davis