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BY Joel Junker

August 2013 Career Conference Question Challenge

This blog post is designed to help the August 2013 Conference Candidates practice developing questions.  However, anyone preparing for an interview will benefit from reading the post and the subsequent posts by the August Candidates.  (I sure hope they post!)

Here are the guidelines:

  1. Read the job description below.
  2. Develop 3 questions and post them.  Ensure you sign with your first name and e-mail address so we know who you are.
  3. We will make comments on some questions to provide feedback and lessons learned.
  4. Rob Davis, Pete Van Epps and I will select a winner ($20 gift card to iTunes, Starbucks, or something like that), and a second place recipient ($10 gift card).
  5. All questions need to be submitted by July 20.  Winners will be announced by July 23rd in the e-mail to all August Candidates and on the blog.  (The long delay is due to vacations by Rob, Pete and me.)

Depending on how this goes we will do one more fun preparation challenge prior to the August Conference.

Job Description:

                Manufacturing Supervisor:  You will lead a production team of 15 to 40 people with the assistance of lead operators in order to achieve operational metrics of objectives of quality, productivity, lead time, output, service level, etc.  Utilizing an engaging and motivating leadership style, you will be the point person on the floor and take leadership of owning actions or directing actions as appropriate to ensure metrics are achieved.  You will also use Lean and Six Sigma toolsets to identify and lead successful projects to improve key metrics within areas.  You will initially start on 2nd shift, and likely move to 1st shift in 6 months.  Your specific responsibilities will include the following:

  • Drive machine and labor utilization techniques to enable the manufacturing floor to maximize output and minimize scrap.
  • Work in a cross-functional capacity with quality, planning, and sourcing to develop systems to monitor manufacturing variances.
  • Ensure accuracy of shop floor paperwork and all transactions made to the shop floor paperwork to ensure traceability is maintained.
  • Monitor the quality of the product being produced and continuously strive to make improvements.  Establish continuous improvement of scrap, cost and labor efficiency initiatives by using consistent metrics visible on the manufacturing floor.
  • Lead continuous improvement initiatives focusing on improving efficiencies with no impact to product quality.
  • Effectively use problem-solving techniques such as cause effect, 5 Why’s, DMAIC, statistical skills, etc.
  • Provide direction and ongoing training on business systems as they relate to daily production.
  • Evaluate sources of shop floor paperwork errors, suggesting and implementing corrective/preventive actions.
  • Initiate activities to utilize internal scrap data to direct continuous improvement focus.
  • Ensure employees are trained in primary responsibilities while providing opportunities for cross-training.
  • Ensure compliance with quality, safety, and regulatory standards and procedures.
  • Meet with product development teams and assist in planning, hiring, and operator training to ensure product launch strategies are met.
  • Establish department metrics and accountabilities in support of metrics.
  • Develop Lead staff to understand and assist the implementation of flow manufacturing techniques.
  • Comply with applicable FDA and international regulatory laws/standards.