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BY Joel Junker

August 2012 Career Conference Results

We just completed the August 2012 Career Conference this past week.  39 candidates and 19 spouses and support team members attended the Conference, and all candidates have companies pursuing them into the follow-up process.  The candidates interviewed with an average of 12.6 companies and averaged 8.3 companies pursuing them for a 65% pursuit rate.   The entire Cameron-Brooks Team congratulates the August Conference candidates on their first successful step in their transition to Corporate America.

This was one of the largest support team attendances we have had in recent conferences and I believe it really paid big dividends for both the spouses and support team members as well as the candidates.   For the spouses and support team members, they were able to be a part of all the company briefings and walked away with a very good understanding of the opportunities their candidate was interviewing for.  Additionally, for many of them who will be looking for employment after their spouse or significant other accepts a position, the Career Conference was a 4-day crash course in interviewing skills they will be able to apply in their job search.  For the candidates, it gave them another set of eyes and ears to help them in their preparation for their interviews, a guide to help them navigate hotel rooms between interviews, and most importantly a word of encouragement and support after some long hours of preparation.

The size of the companies attending our August Career Conference varied from several companies with 35+ employees to companies with over 2 million employees. There were privately held companies represented, as well as some of the largest companies on the FORTUNE 500 list.  Industries included automotive manufacturing, consulting/risk assurance, building materials, consumer products, oil & gas energy, logistics, financial services, medical device, and more.

Our client companies brought a wide array of opportunities to the August Conference:  Subsea Surveillance Engineer, Account Manager, Senior Consultant, Product Manager, Field Clinical Representative, Inside Sales Manager, Business Strategist, Product Design Engineer, Operations Manager, Reliability Engineer, Program Manager, Regional Transport Manager, Senior Quality Engineer, Business Development Project Manager, Manufacturing Manager, Maintenance Manager, Accounting Department Manager, Distribution Operations, and more.

Some of the various locations represented included New York, Indianapolis, Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Houston, Charlotte, Milwaukee, Tuscon, Cincinnati, San Diego, Phoenix, Miami, Long Island, and more.

The list of client companies at the August Conference included the following:

  • One of the world’s leading suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods.  This FORTUNE 500 company enjoys a #1 or #2 leadership position in nearly every category in which it competes.  Every day, over 160 million people in 180 countries choose this company’s brands to feed their families and to clean their homes.  The company’s mission is to create vitality by meeting the everyday needs of people everywhere, producing delicious, nutritious foods and products that allow consumers to get the most out of life.  They have attended multiple conferences hiring  for team leadership and business analysis opportunities.
  • With a business dating back to the turn of the twentieth century, this company has been a leading developer and supplier in automotive safety.  They produce products that include integrated vehicle control and driver assist systems, braking systems, steering systems, suspension systems, occupant safety systems, electronics, engine components, and aftermarket replacement parts and services.  This company is a primary “tier 1” original equipment supplier with nearly 85% of its end-customer sales made to automobile OEMs, and nearly 90% of its sales derived from safety-related products.  They attended the conference looking for a variety of team leadership and engineering positions.
  • With over 5 million customers in 16 states, this company is one of the nation’s largest financial services companies.  The company conducts business in five segments:  Retail Banking, Asset Management, Corporate & Institutional Banking, Residential Mortgage Banking, and BlackRock, one of the largest publicly traded investment management firms in the country.  The company has attended recent conferences and attended the August Conference looking for top JMO talent to start in a variety of roles as part of their leadership development program.
  • The largest producer of industrial and specialty gases in the world with revenues over $15 billion.  In North America, this company manufactures and markets over 20,000 different types of gas products for applications in a large and diverse number of industries to include automotive, agriculture, chemicals, electronics, energy, glass, healthcare, pharmaceutical, steel, food, packaging, semiconductor, water treatment, and more.  Their products help customers increase productivity, improve product capability, meet quality standards, reduce operating costs, etc.  From the water and food we consume to the automobiles we drive, we utilize products every day that this company helped manufacture or process.  They are a  long-standing client of Cameron-Brooks since the 1970s, and regularly recruit for top leadership talent.
  • This company is at the pinnacle of the oilfield industry and is a leading manufacturer of oil and gas equipment that provides flow equipment products, systems and services to leading oil and gas companies around the globe.  The company operates in 3 segments:  Drilling and Production Systems (DPS), Valves and Measurements (V&M), and Process and Compression Systems (PCS).  The company’s name and its long-time reputation for quality and service are well-known and trusted in the energy industry.  The company has attended and continues to attend Cameron-Brooks Conferences recruiting for a variety of engineering, six sigma, and leadership positions.

To learn more about the Cameron-Brooks Career Conference experience, I’ve posted several videos from candidates who attended the August Conference on our Facebook.

Rob Davis