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BY Joel Junker

April 2017 Career Conference Results

The second Career Conference of 2017 is now complete and we are diligently working on the follow-up process with candidates traveling to visit companies for second interviews.  Many candidates will be traveling to visit companies as early as this Monday.   There was a lot of hard work and effort these past several days and all of us at Cameron-Brooks want to congratulate all of the April Candidates and their spouses/support team members on taking their very first and very important step towards launching their careers in Corporate America.   In two days, over 600 interviews were conducted with an average of 13.0 interviews and a pursuit rate of nearly 64%.   The pursuit rate is defined as the number of interviews in which the candidates achieved success divided by the total number of their interviews.   Achieving success in an interview at the Career Conference simply means the companies expressed interest in moving forward in the interview process with the candidate.   So, for this Conference, the candidates converted just above 8.3 of those 13.0 interviews into a successful interview.

There were over 30 distinct companies attended but several companies had multiple divisions attend.  Additionally, there were several new companies attending in addition to some long standing Cameron-Brooks client companies.  The size of the companies attending varied from several smaller privately held companies to some of the largest companies on the most recent FORTUNE 500 list.

Some of the client companies represented at the April Career Conference included the following:

  • One of the world’s largest food and beverage companies with 2016 revenues of over $60 billion.  Through their operations, authorized bottlers, contract manufacturers and other third parties, they make, market, distribute, and sell a wide variety of convenient and enjoyable beverages, food and snacks, serving customers and consumers in more than 200 countries and territories.  They attended the Conference recruiting for account manager positions.
  • The global leader in medical technology – alleviating pain, restoring health, and extending life for people with chronic conditions around the world.  Each year, 62 million people benefit from this company’s technologies and they continually receive multiple awards annually for their commitment to excellence.  They attended the April Conference recruiting for sales positions.
  • For over 160 years, this company has developed life-changing innovations including the glass for Edison’s light bulb, ultra-thin glass for active maxtrix liquid crystal displays (LCDs), ceramic substrates for diesel and automotive emissions control, the first commercially viable low-loss fiber for use in telecommunications, etc.   They are a global company with advanced research centers and the leading manufacturer of optical fiber and cable systems for the telecommunications industry, high performance glass for television and information display applications, and advanced materials for the scientific, semiconductor, and environmental industries.  Two distinct divisions of this company attended this Conference hiring for a variety of engineering project management positions.
  • A FORTUNE 500 company that provides a variety of healthcare services to patient populations throughout the United States and abroad.  They are a leading provider of kidney care in the United States, delivering dialysis services to patients with chronic kidney failure and end stage renal disease.  They were named to FORTUNE Magazine’s “Most Admired Companies” list for the 9th consecutive year.  They attended the Conference recruiting for General Management positions.
  • A ~90 year old privately held company and a leading equipment and service provider for the electric utility, telecommunications, and contractor markets.  The company provides products and services in over 100 countries throughout the world and their success is based on high values that have helped them earn the trust and confidence of their customers worldwide.  The company offers the most complete line of equipment in the industry and includes aerial vehicles (telescoping, articulating, etc), cable handling equipment, digger derricks, etc.  They attended the Conference recruiting for a variety of positions in manufacturing and engineering.
  • An international company with 57 facilities and operations in 7 countries supplying advanced packaging solutions for more than 1,600 customers in the foodservice, food packaging, supermarket, and various other packaging markets in virtually every corner of the world.  They drive growth through new products and product line extensions and 80% of the company’s sales come from market sectors in which it holds the #1 or #2 positions, reflecting their brand strength and breadth of product lines.  They attended the Conference recruiting for a variety of manufacturing team leadership and sales positions.
  • A leading provider of proprietary, autonomous robotics and innovative software-based solutions that reinvent distribution centers. Where there is a need for smaller storage facilities located closer to more densely populated urban areas, a need to maximize storage density in existing structures, the need to drive down costs and increase overall efficiencies in product handling, distribution and logistics, or a combination of all of the above, this company is posed to be the solutions provider that leads by example.  They attended the Conference recruiting for a variety of engineering, team leadership, and project management roles.
  • And many more……….

Additionally, check out some testimonials from the April Conference candidates sharing their experiences: