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BY Cameron-Brooks

Advice to Transitioning JMOs from Recent Alumni

We asked our alumni for specific advice for transitioning JMOs to help them succeed at a Career Conference. This is what they said …

“Most definitely study groups. That is 100% what helped me the most to feel prepared. I think the reading program is also very beneficial and gave me more of an insight into the different types of jobs and how to think about and prepare for my transition to the business world. I think one of the best things about having a study group is that I had relationships built prior to attending the conference. So entering into that weekend, I felt as if I had people I felt comfortable talking with who were going through the exact same things that I was.” – Caitlin Wilkins (November 2019)

“Study groups were extremely helpful, much more so than I would have expected. Also I would recommend that everyone bring their spouse/significant other if possible.” – Shaun Bruner (November 2019)

“Read all the books, go to as many workshops as you can, and definitely participate in a study group. Also, listen to as many podcasts as possible.” – Rory Ellsworth (November 2019)

“My advice to transitioning JMOs would be to trust the CB process 100%. Always video record yourself when doing interview preparation. Be expressive and let your personality shine.” – Sam Cochran (November 2019)

“Spend more time with the study group just conversing and focus less on answering specific questions. Most interviews were extremely conversational and being comfortable in the room is so important to build report.” – Markus Franz (November 2019)

“Read books and understand how the concepts relate to what you are already doing or how you can implement them; this is learning to talk the talk. I think it would help prevent rambling and show relatable knowledge in an area. Practice talking through answers sooner and work with others in a study group to work on answering and structuring answers towards specific character traits that you are trying to highlight.” – Tyler Hochschwender (August 2019)

“Definitely know your DPP, but don’t get bogged down into the actual verbiage of your answers. Know your resume and go over interview questions with your study group or spouse. Don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the Cameron-Brooks team for feedback or general help. I was in the program for 3.5 weeks prior to attending the conference and I felt very prepared for what would prove to be a successful experience.” – Calen Lambert (August 2019)

“My advice to transitioning JMOs would be to read as much as you can. We learn so much about our roles in the military and I think a lot of people think that we can just talk about our experiences and rely on those to be successful in Corporate America. But the reading program exposed me to a bunch of topics that I wasn’t very familiar with, and that just fueled me to read even more to learn what I needed to be successful.” – Kyle Hrutkay (August 2019)

Some fantastic advice from those who have made a successful transition to the business world! For more from our alumni, check out our testimonials and our podcast.