General Management

Definition: The total responsibility for a profit center in a company, including profit/loss, finance, advertising, marketing, sales, operations, distribution, vendor relationships, and human resources. You will oversee every aspect of a business within a business.

General: General managers have a wide breadth of responsibility and a lot of visibility for individual performance. Most business people will wait 8 to 10 years for a general management position. For the opportunities here at the Conference, you will get that level of responsibility in your first job.

Key Connecting Points:
Leadership skills: These are leadership positions where motivating people from diversified backgrounds will be a big part of your job. Many of the people you lead will have a significant amount of experience (relative to yours), and you will have to quickly gain their trust to be effective. You will tackle morale, teamwork, disciplinary and employee development issues. For you to be successful in your interviews, you must be prepared to discuss specific examples where you motivated large groups of people to achieve difficult objectives.

Maturity: Given the significant amount of responsibility in these positions and the fact that you will lead people with more experience than you, you will need to show a strong sense of maturity. You will manage a large amount of business on a daily basis, and you will need good judgment, poise, and self-confidence to make sound and strategic business decisions. Give examples from the military where you had a significant amount of responsibility and produced results.

Business skills: Strong business skills are a big part of general management. Any finance, accounting and marketing classes you have had are very relevant. You will also need a strong understanding of cause and effect, as well as an intellectual curiosity to look hard at your business and uncover opportunities for improvement. You must have an understanding of how a business grows more profitable by increasing revenue and lowering cost.

Broad scope: General management is challenging work. You will be exposed to every aspect of a business. You will work in the trenches with your employees, as well as give strategic presentations on your long-term business plan to senior executives. You are 100% accountable for everything that happens in your business area. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to hire, train, delegate, motivate, market, advertise, automate, lead, and grow a business. You will manage 1000 details, but will always keep your focus on the bottom line.

Possible Job Titles:
Area Manager
Operations Manager
General Manager
Branch Manager