Career Options



Professional Sales is essentially the process of running a business within a business.  Sales professionals focus on building trusting relationships with business clients within a geographic territory, selling their company’s products and services, and growing the sales revenue to achieve territory business objectives. They spend the majority of their time in the customers’ work environment. Their goal is to understand customers’ business needs and develop product- or service-based solutions to positively impact desired business goals and objectives.  Read on to see if JMO professional sales jobs are a good match for you.

Attributes and Skills

Relationship Builder

Customers buy from people they like, and you will spend the majority of your time establishing professional relationships with your customers.


Sales representatives have a track record of establishing and achieving highly demanding goals despite adversity,


Excellent sales representatives like to win the business and are competitive.

Work Ethic, Initiative, Autonomous

Excellent sales professionals work hard and take initiative to achieve their success. They operate independently with sole responsibility for their territory.

Communication Skills

Sales representatives spend the majority of their time in front of customers discussing the ways a product can impact a customer’s business. They are persuasive communicators.

Possible Job Titles
  • Sales Representative
  • Account Manager
  • Territory Manager

Sample Job Description

Professional Sales: Please keep in mind the following job description is just one of many possible Sales job descriptions.

You will have responsibility for the sale of your company’s products in your territory (either defined by a geographic boundary or a list of accounts). Your mission is to grow the sales revenue in your territory by building relationships with your accounts and helping them become more successful by using your products and services. Professional selling is a consultative process where you play a key role in understanding the business processes and needs of your customers and consulting on how your products can impact their results. You will become an expert on all aspects of your product capabilities and their application in the customer’s environment. You will spend the majority of your time in the customer environment, building relationships with key buying influences, analyzing processes, uncovering needs and presenting ways that your products can add value. Since this is repeat selling, you will play a key role in your company’s long-term success in your accounts. You will also have a large role in providing world-class service to your customers after the sale. You will get involved in order management, inventory control, pricing strategies, contract management, working with business partners (distributors, etc.), product delivery, product training and problem solving. You will be the “steward” of the customer relationship, acting as the point person for all of your company’s activities in your customer accounts. You will have full responsibility for everything that happens or fails to happen in your territory (you will run a business within a business). Successful sales representatives have excellent career opportunities throughout the company in areas such as sales management, marketing, operations, manufacturing, product development and more.