Career Options



General Managers have responsibility for a profit center in a company, including profit/loss, finance, advertising, marketing, sales, operations, distribution, vendor relationships, and human resources. They oversee every aspect of a business within a business. Typically, only JMOs with 8 or more years of experience qualify for these roles. However, if one does not start in this type of role, many different career fields lead to General Management type positions. Read on to see if JMO general management jobs are a good match for you.


General Managers lead other leaders and motivate people from diversified backgrounds. They are responsible for morale, teamwork, and employee development issues.


General Managers manage a large amount of business on a daily basis and need good judgment, poise, and self-confidence to make sound and strategic business decisions.

Business Acumen

Strong business skills are a big part of general management. General Managers get involved with finance, accounting, and marketing. They understand business drivers and how to make their organization more profitable by increasing revenue and reducing cost.

Broad Scope

General Managers are 100% accountable for everything that happens in their business area. They hire, train, delegate, motivate, market, advertise, automate, lead, and grow a business. They manage thousands of details.

Possible Job Titles
    • Area Manager
    • Operations Manager
    • General Manager
    • Branch Manager

Sample Job Description

General Management: Please keep in mind the following job description is just one of many possible Finance job descriptions.

As a General Manager, you will manage the overall operation for a facility or multiple facilities to achieve operational, customer service, and financial objectives. This includes, but is not limited to, financial management (P&L), quality assurance, production/service goals, safety, risk management, teammate satisfaction, quality index scores, facility maintenance, and other required duties that may arise during the general operations of your facilities. You will provide direction, inspiration, and counseling to teammates and will monitor workflow functions, outcomes, customer satisfaction and quality measures of the facility with the result of meeting or exceeding the established financial and other objectives set in cooperation with leadership. You will facilitate employee development (coaching, mentoring, internal training, outside training) and collaborate with direct reports to create professional development goals. You will be responsible for monthly monitoring of financial results, variance reporting and action plans to meet established budget objectives, as well as revenue and profitability target goals. You will ensure equipment and supplies are maintained to provide quality care and to ensure the safety of clients and teammates. You will also participate in the development and periodic revision of policies and procedures with the company management team to assure consistent, efficient and safe operation of the facility/program.