Business Analysis

Definition: The provision of process support to internal business functions in order to improve efficiency and decision making, reduce redundancy, and ultimately enhance business results.

General: This is a broad area that describes positions where you will support the business activities of an internal customer. It includes areas like procurement, supply chain management, strategic planning, project/program management, and internal consulting. Your mission is to build relationships with your internal customers, develop an in-depth understanding of their business needs, and find ways to improve results. You will work with your customers to define requirements, establish goals, analyze process improvement opportunities, and implement projects that impact on business results.

Key Connecting Points:
Project management skills: You must be able to handle multiple projects from start to finish. You will define project scope, develop specifications, analyze resource requirements, establish time lines, work with external vendors, manage budgets, resolve conflicts, and manage projects to conclusion. Use projects you managed in the military as proof.

Leadership/Interpersonal skills: Because of your interaction with the various operating groups in your company, strong interpersonal skills are a must. You will spend the majority of your time working with teams of people, providing advice on a project, decision, or new strategy. While you have no responsibility to tell a team what to do, you are fully responsible for producing results. You must be able to influence others with your communication skills and establish rapport with them.

Analytical and problem-solving skills: You must be able to dig into data and processes, find likenesses and trends, and make improvements. It is critical that you use specific military examples where you had to analyze a lot of information from a range of sources to identify and solve a problem. Since you have no authority over your peers in these positions, you will secure their agreement by making effective use of data.

Technical skills: Due to the impact of computer technology on business, these positions will require a solid understanding of spreadsheets, databases, and project management software. Highlight your interest and aptitude to learn new technology and apply your knowledge to improve results.

Business knowledge: You will use many business tools in these positions. Highlight your understanding of quality, process improvement, e-commerce, project management tools, disciplined problem solving, systems integration, and business process reengineering concepts.

Possible Job Titles:
Business Analyst
Project Manager
Business Solutions Analyst
Operations Analyst
Supplier Manager

Sample Job Description – Business Analyst Please keep in mind the following job description is just one of many possible Business Analyst job descriptions.

You will work with internal business groups on process improvement projects designed to improve their business results. Your mission is to act as an internal consultant, proactively identifying and initiating projects that overhaul business methods (strategy, information technology, processes, change management, etc.). In this role, you will actively interface with your internal customers to conduct structured business analysis of work processes. You will play a key role in translating business problems into opportunities for improvement. Analysis, interdisciplinary program management, project management, and process reengineering will be key facets of your work. You will be responsible for solving business problems by leading complex projects from idea to implementation. You will provide project leadership to teams made up of personnel across many departments while you drive your projects to produce results. You also will work with outside vendors negotiating programs that produce desired results identified through your internal interactions. Strong analytical skills, structured critical thinking, excellent oral/written communication skills and proven indirect leadership skills are critical to your success. This position will enable you to utilize and combine both your business and technical abilities.