Our Podcast

BY Joel Junker

Episode 74 – JMO Transition: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Are you a JMO considering a military transition?  Well did you know that one tire on a wheel loader for mining equipment retails for over $75,000?  Did you also know that the type of tire a farmer uses on their equipment significantly impacts future crop yield due to soil compression?

Until I interviewed Mike Morookian, Regional Sales Manager for Michelin, for our podcast, I had no idea either.  Who knew the vast complexity of tires and their value in the mining, agriculture and transportation industries?  Mike had no idea either prior to starting with Michelin.  I even joked with him during the podcast that when he considered a JMO transition from the Army, I bet he never said to himself, “I want to transition from the Army and sell tires.”  In fact, I doubt any person has ever thought that.

Mike says he did not fully understand all of the opportunities available to him until he attended the Cameron-Brooks Conference.  He chose a career with Michelin in the Sales Leadership Development Program. He said 6 months prior to the transition he never even thought of something like this.  Then, he continued to realize he didn’t know what he didn’t know until he learned the complexities of commercial tire sales.  In the podcast, he describes the complexity of the tires and how they add value to customers in a wide range of industries.

I hope you find my interview with Mike as fascinating as I did.

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