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BY petevanepps

Episode 75 -Conference Preparation Experience – Hear First-Hand

Conference Preparation Experience from Austin WeltyOn this episode of the podcast, I interview Austin Welty about his Conference preparation experience. Austin is a former USMC Infantry officer who attended the January 2019 Career Conference. After the conference, he launched his career as an Operational Team Leader at PACTIV.

Austin has been a long-time listener of this podcast.  As a result, he suggested we do an episode about Conference preparation from the perspective of someone who recently attended a Career Conference. So, we did just that with Austin. Austin shares his first-hand Conference experience by walking us from weeks before the Conference up to the present.

He talks about his journey from admitting he wasn’t sure of his transition options to explaining the interest he received at his Career Conference interviews, and finally to where he is today.

It’s great perspective for anyone in the process of transitioning and preparing for a Career Conference.