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BY Cameron-Brooks

Episode 110 – Military Recruiting Firms and Partnership Agreements. What Gives?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive as a military recruiting firm?

Do you have a partnership agreement?

We encourage military officers to ask this question (check out our full list of recommendations, here) as they begin their initial transition research. Each military recruiting firm has a different flavor. Some require a signed agreement, some have partnerships, and others don’t require anything at all. Asking these questions during your initial conversations with a recruiting firm will help you determine your best fit.

Through our experience, we have found the dynamic of a partnership agreement to mirror that of a friendship. When building a new friendship, you both mutually agree to invest in the relationship by getting to know each other, prioritizing your time together and being present when it really counts. If there is no agreement to invest in each other, there is no friendship. You can’t count on the other person because the depth of the relationship doesn’t exist.

On this episode of the Cameron-Brooks podcast, we host a round-table of sorts to discuss our partnership agreement.

The Cameron-Brooks partnership agreement is rooted in a mutual exchange of value. We start the podcast by explaining the exchange of value from the perspective of all three partners – the JMOs, the companies with whom we partner that hire JMOs, and Cameron-Brooks.

    • JMO: We have developed a world-class, curriculum-based Development and Preparation Program to guide military officers through the transition process. This includes preparing for interviews, learning about different components of Corporate America, exploring marketability through career field research, a technical and comprehensive resume writing process and ultimately an extremely accurate Career Conference. Additionally, the JMO partner can have confidence in knowing that Cameron-Brooks is always a career partner and a resource.
    • Companies: Of course there are many transitioning officers, but our clients are looking for the best amongst the group. They want officers who have a proven track record of high performance and want to interview officers who are committed and prepared. That is not unlike every other person they interview for the type of open positions for which they hire.
    • Cameron-Brooks: For as long as we have existed (over 50 years), we have successfully helped military officers conduct career searches that enable a successful launch from the military to Corporate America. That is who we are. That is what we do. That is what we’ll always do. We view our service as patriotic and noble and everyone in our organization has a single-minded focus help military officers flourish in the business world.

In this episode Hope leads Joel and Pete through an in-depth exploration of the Cameron-Brooks partnership agreement. Between explaining the specific components of the Cameron-Brooks partnership agreement, why we have it and its benefit, this discussion aims to shed light on the partnership as a part of our process.

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