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BY petevanepps

Episode 109 – What Sets JMOs Apart?

Welcome back! We have a special treat for the podcast. On this episode, I interview Cameron-Brooks team member, Hope Drury. Hope wears multiple hats in the organization including advising JMOs on how to prepare to transition, helping spearhead our marketing and social media programs, and also plays a key role in the JMO resume writing process. Hope is a native of Fredericksburg, Texas and graduated from Texas A&M University. In the five years since starting at Cameron-Brooks, she has worked about half of that time at our corporate office and the other half remotely. Hope brings a fresh perspective to the podcast as she shares her thoughts on common JMO misconceptions, what sets JMOs apart one from another and then, finally, key success characteristics that every young business professional should emulate.

Some common JMO misconceptions she sees when working with officers include:
  1. A JMO needs to have a submitted resignation prior to engaging Cameron-Brooks. Truth: when we meet with JMOs, we help them explore options. We help them learn about the transition in order to make a decision.
  2. JMO Recruiting firms are “old school.” Today there are so many ways for JMOs to get connected but if you are only transitioning once, you may want to make sure you are doing it well.
So what sets JMOs apart when Hope first meets an officer? They are prepared. They are enthusiastic about learning as well as genuine and authentic.
  • Prepared: They have done research, spent time on the C-B website, listened to the C-B podcast, talked to friends family and ultimately walked into the conversation with an initial understanding of recruiting firms. They’re prepared to learn more.
  • Enthusiastic: Officers are curious and want to be a sponge. Getting everything you can out of the conversation in order to gather more information to consider and research.
  • Authentic: Being transparent and open to learning more about what is available to you.
Lastly, what are some of the major attributes that companies look for when interviewing (and ultimately hiring) JMOs?
  • Be humble
  • Work hard
  • Asking for extra responsibilities
  • BE NICE!

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